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Sunday, December 30, 2012

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match, Live from Hostel Mess

When it's India vs Pakistan you get to know when an Indian batsman hits a boundary or a Pakistan batsman gets out even when you're sleeping inside your room; that's how loud the roar would be from the audience in the mess, between fifty and hundred of them.

Maybe now I know how it feels to watch a sport live from the stadium.

Abuses, shouts, slogans, applause, and pure roaring fill the atmosphere with energy that makes you forget everything (in my case, it made me lose my sinusitis)

The first T20 in the ongoing series was the funniest. Around dinner time India was losing the match and the crowd was less. But those who persisted soon called in more people to watch the turn of events that occurred afterwards. And with more people came louder roars, which brought even more people back. And finally when it was about houseful India lost accompanied by a huge roar from the dejected fans.

And for that matter, the second T20 was more ferociously met with. More shouts, more abuses and louder roars from a larger crowd. This time thankfully India won.

And that's all. :P

Monday, December 3, 2012

Back To College

After a month of intensive chef work, I joined my friends at college today. It continues to be the same old college. Went library in between posting. Read some journals, some microbiology and wondering how to improve the situation. Should revamp learnlearn.in

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 17

The last day before the trip.

Everything was done in a euphoric feeling.

Going for banana, serving kumbalakai pallya.

The fact that there was only 16 curds, didn't even matter.

Slept soon. Woke up soon. Bye bye

Friday, November 16, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 16

Today, started as a normal boring day.
Till the gas leakage that was temporarily fixed yesterday had to be fixed again.
Calling the repairman would have been stupid, as seen later. So, I took a pipe tighter and started looking for alternate tubes in the gas room. Got one, found some spare washers and fitted it back, luckily, to everyone's nose and ears, it wasn't leaking.

But still for a security, we called the repair guy. He comes in after lunch and repairs it properly.

And the rest of the day was irrelevant with respect to mess. Manjunath coming in afternoon, I went sbi to activate my ATM and some little shopping after that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 15

It's halfway there already. Considering how 7 days are off, it's two-thirds done already!

The milk van continued yesterdays order and didn't deliver curd today. Manju and uday found some dairy where they got curd.

Gas! They booked it. Delivery by afternoon.

And the eggs for dinner. I allowed them to proceed with 210 eggs. But uday came, and boiled 30 more by himself, after all the workers left.

And that was a brilliant move, I should say, the eggs were enough.

The paayasa was very serous. But that just made it easier to drink in plenty.

And bhoom I slept.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfectly messy Prefect: Day 14

Happy Children's Day, and a prosperous world diabetes day.

The grand feast for Diwali.
9L ice cream and still it didn't last.

In the night, we made a miscalculation. That people would go out because the dinner won't be delicious. People who had come back from home were also present. And had to make extra rice.

In the other news, I'm growing tired of posting here. Neither is it interesting stuff, nor is it helping me.

Thus, don't be afraid if I don't resume posting on 25th after I stop it on 18th. Didn't you know that I'm doing all this extra work only because I have to go on the college trip to tamil nadu and kanyakumari?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perfectly Messy Prefect: Day 13

I woke up very tired today. That I had to sleep on the bench in the mess by 11.

Lakshmanna was making madam puri in the hostel itself.

Gas out of stock at agency too. Should survive with three cylinders till Thursday morning.

Happy Diwali! They're buying 3000 worth crackers. Should sleep before they return.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 12

Woke up at 5 today.

And cook called me at 5.55 today!
She left early after making breakfast. This provoked all workers. In store for her tomorrow is everything bad.

Was very sleepy. Slept on wheat bags for a while. Then slept in the room.

Got one more record to write by tomorrow.

Awesome yellow white sweet for lunch.

Happy diwali.

Finished records one by one.

Wheat conversion to flour by the security was severely criticized by everyone else dealing with chappathi. It might go back to lakshmanna.

Had everything in plenty.

Finished records again.

And a late goodnight.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Perfectly messy perfect: Day 11

This the sunday. Dosa was on time, but not the pallya.
Brought all sweets, fruits, ice creams, on time for lunch, but samosa didn't last till the interns came. Suhas had to go again.
Plus, the sweet was of low quality.

Afternoon, had planned to go for skyfall, but didn't happen.

Went to get puli ogre powder for tomorrow. But the puli ogre powder wouldn't be used tomorrow, after a 2 hour talk with seniors in mess committee, about what's wrong with our prefect ship and how we can improve.

We should find better bargains.
Too late to sleep. Got early surprises tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 10

Gone are the distant days of worrying about mess when I'm not there.
Gave everything for breakfast. Ate leftover bananas as breakfast.
And went for a research workshop with sumanth sir, venkatesh darshan, swathi and priyadarshi at HD Kote.

The workshop was useful. Didn't take down notes because participants are gonna get the materials e-mailed. So, no luck for you thinking I'd post my notes here.

While there, got phone calls from so many people.
Nikhil called to ask if accommodation could be made available at alappuzha or trivandrum. I called dad.
Somanna called to ask whether he has to take back the sambar powder from the mill soon, because there's a power cut at the mill.
Pavaman called to inform about the meeting happening on Tuesday.
And I had a lot of questions to ask Sumanth sir too.

Thus the one hour ride from there, was entirely useful.

Served eggs and banana, slept.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 9

Yesterday, after I slept*
(*-almost slept)

10 o'clock, one of my friends calls me and comes to my room for converting a set of videos in his laptop. While I'm on it a senior from a neighbouring room comes in and asks me to go get a rice bath from chat street. After successfully delegating it, I continue the conversion work and then I get a call from generals secretary, his friend needed two garlic from mess store. While returning from the store, I got caught by the final years studying and they aren't satisfied with my first year aptitude. Left there and reached room to complete the conversions and slept at 12.

And then! Close to 3 o'clock I get a phone call from previous prefects asking me to get the bill from the newspaper guy today.

And I'm up.

For breakfast, the cook needed tomatoes. I ordered the vegetable guy at 7.10 and waited. Waited. Waited. 7.30 and I understood it wouldn't be wise to wait longer, called manjunath. He and uday went for tomatoes at 7.40, came back at 7.50. In short the bisi Bele bath was late by 20 minutes.

Then, I got ready to go college. But manjunath had to go for surgery posting. So I bunked posting.

At 10.15 went to sbi to activate the new atm card. The pin hadn't reached the bank. Gave application to activate e-banking and went college.
Exchanged key with manjunath on the way.

Had a friend's chappathi for lunch, didn't go back hostel.
Manjunath and me got into pharmacology lab after that.
And suddenly we got upto 5 phone calls. The electrician who had said he'd come next day didn't leave the hostel instead went to the gs telling nobody was accompanying him. Thus gs called suhas who was in bank. And he called us.
At the same time manjunath had given mess keys to Vinay to give uday. And Vinay had gone out, so uday didn't get the key.
We got out of pharmac lab in between went hostel, and it was all alright. Electrician had left uday had the key. Went back to class.

On the way back to hostel, I found mahadevappa sir walking. He talked to me all the way till hostel about how to do research.

Dinner with chicken. No egg because of late delivery.  Everything extra because of people leaving.

Gave only 4 packets of milk and even that was extra.

And slept in seconds.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 8

Woke up to the alarm.
The 17 rupee 3G smart internet recharge had expired at midnight. Got a 128 recharge online at 8 o'clock.

Main cook left after making breakfast because her dad has a heart operation. Tomato bath once again.

Since there is a plumber work today and since that requires an additional prefect be present, I'm bunking today too, along with manjunath.

Anyhow that internet recharge will pay off.


The plumber came only in the afternoon. Manjunath worked with him.

Had not asked the substitute cook to put exact amount of rice. And there was shortage in the night. Made somanna do it by bribing him 30 rupees.

The commercial gas bill hadn't come yet.

Tripathi came back, and Federer is playing a match. Awesome night.


In between, magically my atm card came through speed post. Luckily it was security who received it and I had called him just two minutes before that and he had noticed my number and he saw the same in the address (the name was concealed) and he delivered it directly to me.

Should activate the card tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 7

Today I'm on my first official duty :-P
Dosa in the morning.
And the girls took another gas cylinder taking the count to two.

College trip has been finalized. I got the 5000 I put in mess back, and I paid 4600 for the trip, all in 5 minutes.

Tried to open laptop in the mess. Attracts too many problems.

Electrician came to remove the non working exhaust fan.

Very sleepy.

Note on next day: the shrinking posts can only mean one thing, I'm no loner bothered/excited about prefect duty.

Obama winning election yesterday was a reminder that hard work pays off, that hope is never futile and that opportunity strikes those who are prepared for it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 6

Everyone was sleeping when I woke up today. Switched on the tv from standby and watched election news. Hope and change, more about it later.

So, chithrana by laxmanna. The main cook was absent because she went Bangalore with her child for health care. And this guy found all the leaves stuff he needs from the hostel compound itself. The security bought lemon powder instead of lemon and it was just fine.

Went college today because manja is sitting back today. Amazingly he didn't loose anything from even the practical class by sitting at mess.
Tomorrow, I'll bunk. Day after again him. Then again me. Then again him. And so on till we go away for trip.

Came back early from micro lab and went to book gas cylinder. Ha, the girls. They didn't have cylinder today also. Sources say they booked it only today. And thus they had to beg us today for a cylinder. Like they were asked to write a request letter. And god knows where we kept that after receiving it.
That's why we went to book it soon, with two cylinders left liquid and one deposited at LH.
And the gas agency manager wasn't at the agency. So we came back to go again later and get it booked.
Warden had come. Talked to him about how gas is burning like gasoline. And he said the right thing: "There's nothing we can do about it. Want to cancel dinner for a month?"

Light moments like those have made us feel very relaxed today.

And I took Zigu's cycle and flied like an eagle would do when freed from captivity.

Like I said, change is hard. And hope is what enables us to go through it. And in the end, change is good.

Went to bring banana afterwards, 260 of them. I sat sideways in what proved to be a very risky ride. The bike swayed for a while. Then Manju could balance.

Chicken was enough. Banana too.

Tea, but no drink.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 5

The security was sleeping when I woke up. Amazingly, everything was in store today. Nothing bought from outside. Scrubber still not delivered.

Suhas stayed at mess today waiting to draw cheque from warden. But he didn't get it today.
And just as I was about to leave for posting, got a call from ladies hostel prefect asking us to return their gas cylinder. Sent it via their security and went away.

Reached back only at 8 for supplying banana. It was just enough. But these days, the heart beat isn't rising very much while serving. Pallya had become empty by 8:30. Still survived unscathed.

Then, finished that sugarcane which I got the day before on the road from a lorry coming against which jumped into a pothole right next to me.

Waiting to wish an old friend on his birthday.

And today, is a great day for amazing friendships.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 4

In the morning, it's not as cold as the first day, these days.
Anyhow I've returned Aquib's fest hoodie.
It was rotti in the morning. Attendance was maximum.
Sunday. It's feast for noon. After breakfast Uday and Manja were running around Mysore for things.

While I sat at the kitchen:
"sir, onion should be big otherwise can't peel, cut"
While they went market:
"sir, onion should be small, otherwise it collapses into uselessness"
In the fight between big onion and small onion indecision prevailed until the senior most sharath sir quips in like Gulliver in Lilliput to settle for status quo.

Then, gulab jamun arrived. But ice cream delivery number ceased to exist which was a blessing in double disguise. We bought costly small packets and that didn't last for everyone. But in the process we found a shop closer to hostel where we get cheaper ice cream too.

Chicken was in excess. But fruit salad was less even after we bought 150% of initial amount bananas on workers' advice.

Then, I saw ice age 3, matrix reloaded, titanic and rowdy rathore all in parts.

And was sleepy, slept for 3 hours after tea. Well that's because I slept late last night because of the porting issue. Sunday holiday, so the first recharge has still been not done.

Supper was just enough. Only hostel general secretary and a few of my friends had to go empty stomach.

And then, I went chat street, filled mine with a falooda. And here I'm.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 3

Unlike yesterday, eventhough I was slightly aware at 5 o'clock, I woke up only when the alarm rang at 6.
Remembered that I had left the workers' attendance book in Fadnis room last night and woke him up early in the morning.
In the mess, milk and curd were just arriving.

Everything was bought from bandipalaya yesterday.
The cook comes in.
"Everything is here, I'll have no trouble today"
"saaaaaar, kodambari soup [or something that sounds like it] illa sir"

Thus uday had to go market.
But from today everything for tomorrow will be made ready today itself.

And me and manja bought some 40 coconuts from day market.

And since it was Saturday suhas managed the rest of the day by himself.

I went sbi, opened an account, ran to college, went blue lagoon, and came back and slept at 6.30.

When I opened my eyes it was 9.
And apparently the banana distribution was slow in mine and uday's absence.

Tea was done while I was watching Chelsea Madrid last minute draw.

And then my phone got ported from Docomo to Aircel.
So, this post might be a bit late.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 2

Since I want to make it a habit to wake up early (one of the reasons I wanted to be prefect early on in the year) I will do the breakfast duty today. And as always I've woken up 40 minutes before when I should have. Thus this paragraph.


Ha, it's 10 in the night of what's been a long day.
Got cashed out in the morning. Bought all immediate things.

I don't remember 90% of the things that happened today, yet I have about 100 things to tell.

Suhas and manja went to cash the cheque. Stood in queue at sbi for half an hour then got to know it doesn't accept sbm cheques. Went sbm main branch since college extension was closed. Stood in queue. Understood that more than 20,000 can't be taken off another branch.
Finally they went sbm stood in queue and got the cash.
Booked the domestic gas cylinder straight away, to avoid gas trouble. And it got delivered in the evening. Somanna, me and manja were playing football with empty cylinders.
Then, vegetables for immediate relief. And the workers needed Sabina. We kept them waiting waiting waiting while the vegetables and chicken came. Finally they washed plates with wheat flour.
Afterwards, suhas, uday, naveen and manju went bandipalaya - the one stop solution for all kitchen worries while I watched the cooking of the chicken in the kitchen.
In between the poojari came to give his list of offerings to God which had to be ready by 6. And luckily the sweet swathi came to the rescue by offering her kind help in bringing them :*
Even though manjunath returned for the same by that time. The pooja was done without any problem.
Then, since workers were reluctant to come early morning tomorrows idli has no sambar.
And I'm very sleepy gotta wake up tomorrow too.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 1

Despite the inclination towards staying out of hostel every moment possible, I took up mess prefect-ship this November of 2012, partly due to my mother tongue, partly because I desperately want to be organized.

Ever since Nilam hit the east coast yesterday it's raining like malarial fever. Yet I woke up without any alarm at 5 am.

Since it's the first day, all of us - suhas, uday, manjunath and me were at the adigemane by 6.30

And the grinder stone is stuck because the rope tying it has fastened its hold. Cut it out like a surgeon does to the intestine, and fix it again.

Thakkali bath.
And then we understood why items like bisi bele bath, even though despised by everyone to the same utmost extent, continue to be in the menu. The main cook has taken a leave for 3 days and among all others left, nobody knows how to cook anything better than tomato bath.

And breakfast was ready 20 minutes late.

Preparation of lunch started immediately. As decided, till the cheque is sanctioned, vegetables whatever is in stock will have to squeeze through till tomorrow.

Luckily or not, today happens to be a holiday owing to the anniversary of the creation of the state. "National" holiday like some of them say. But the infamous gas trouble has no holiday. Gas as in cooking gas. While the whole nation is curbing the number of cylinders one can have, our consumption keeps on increasing. So does the amount we have to pay for each cylinder. And our personal ATM accounts went plummeting down.

Sandwich sweet from Bombay tiffins and thus the lunch.

Dinner payasa was cancelled because there were worms in the raw material.

And some eggs had to be thrown out because of bad quality. So we were giving out them very miserly. But guess what happened, in the end there were a lot of excess and nobody wanted to eat at all.

Then, after witnessing previous prefects fighting with a worker about whether or not she was given one installment of her salary, I proceeded to making my favourite night tea. The old security who used to make it taught the new security how to make it and I watched over the process reassuring that if something goes wrong there are people around to help - the reassurance that makes a team of two better than two individuals.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I wanted to be a pilot once, because I thought it was the busiest multitasking job. Should thank my partial color blindness for distracting me from it because inside the Medical Officer inside the Out-Patient Department holds that record.

He was attending phone calls, sending commands, instructing PGs, attesting certificates, examining patients and in between all that teaching us third term students - how pain in abdomen is the most common case sent to surgery OPD, how Upper Urinary Tract Infection appears as radiating pain from loin to groin, how carcinoma breast is immediately admitted, how difficulty in defecation is mostly due to fistula in ano (and we saw per rectal examination on the first day), how his guess of Helicobacter pylori infection was right about a PA, how inguinal lymph nodes swell in lower UTI...

I texted my sister right after the class "excited like non-anesthetized nerves from a freshly cut limb"

And then Operation theatre on Wednesday after Gandhi Jayanthi.
Saw appendicectomy and hernioplasty. Skipped pharmacology class at 11 to see the latter through.
How sutures are made, how to cut with the tip of the scissors (like my dad always used to say "surgeon's tip"), how to support the scissors with the other hand so that the cut can be precise, the ovary, the spermatic cord, the iliac artery that was spared from being pierced, the mesh used to contain hernia within, the sac of hernia, the appendix, the windows in the mesogastrium (or whatever that's called), everything, spinal anesthesia, normal anesthesia, fistulectomy, and a complicated surgery on the other table.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second year!

Finally, college reopened on Monday.

This year, there are four subjects to write exams in

1. Pharmacology
The introduction class of which I'm in, right now. All those tablets, starting with Paracetamol :P
Note: meghna's mom is our ma'am in this department.

2. Pathology
No introduction class yet, dunno what it is about :P

3. Microbiology
Bacteria, virus, a lot of identifications. This is gonna be like biochemistry.

4. Forensic medicine
The only subject whose textbook I've read already. Mostly legal. Rape, murder, accident, crime.

Apart from these, we start learning other subjects too.

Clinical medicine, going into wards,taking history from patients, getting to know diseases up close.

To assure ourselves that we actually can go into the bodies of our live friends and relieve them.

Preventive and social medicine
Community medicine
Call it whatever, this is supposed to be the sexiest department of ug. Going on field trips, interacting with communities.


And I reached 5 days earlier than anybody else. :p

"talked" to some juniors. (their classes started on August 6)
Couldn't find anyone of my type yet.

Some other minor works.

And then, it was Monday! Everyone was back. And bad news on day one. Madhura is getting transferred to Bangalore medical college (if that's what she wishes). Also, some 7 new people are joining us.

And first 65 of us started out with intensive coaching in medicine.
The rest with surgery. The first week, as far as now, has been relaxing. No practical, no classes that needa be listened to, pretty much "honeymoon".

And I'm learning to speak Kannada, like I can use just Kannada among my friends, and they'll understand me.

Regarding textbooks, there is nothing to worry about for the time being. I'm not planning to buy any, as long as my laptop hard disk holds on.

And waiting for that day when these boring blank blackboards will be sent to museums.

Friday, August 31, 2012

First Year Result

Finally the day arrived.

And I scraped the website using iMacros for firefox and data import into openoffice calc.

Click here for the result.

Sowmya S Aithal tops with 770

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Case of Wrong Time Distribution

Here's a vacation that's just crossed a month.

It's not absolutely boring. But it's relatively boring to be at home.

It's right I get to do things that I love and don't normally get to do, but even if you love sugar you'd not take in a bowl of sugar with water.

Here is how a typical day is:
Get up at 4 or 5. Switch on the computer, run the torrent client. Sleep.
Get up at 7 or 8. Text everyone good morning, eat breakfast. Sleep.
Get up at 10 or 11. Throw mud at the tv, randomly click links, clear the gmail inbox, facebook notifications, try to write for Learn Learnin', give up and sleep.
Get up at 1 or 2. Have lunch. Start reading a book. Sleep.
Get up at 3 or 4. Have tea, start seriously thinking of how to change the world. Get inspired. Finish two more chapters of the book, take some push-ups and crunches and squats, publish a page on the learning site, read something thought provoking, think about it for half an hour, write a blog post, watch some Olympics (thank God, it's over), talk to dad about the same God's ill-definition, have dinner, try to continue the same productivity, but fail and hit the sack, but still chatting to all the people, whatsapp and nimbuzz and gtalk and the good old sms and even email, and at around 11 to 12, sleep without knowing where the phone was dropped.

But at least there's something to look forward to. When is the result being announced?!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Biochem practical

The prospect of finishing first year was over compensating for the lack of breakfast today.
The awesome mnemonic I made for protein tests* had no use as I got my permanent question since second internal: pathological constituent of urine.
There was blood, bile salts in it.
The questions were as expected: which are the tests you do? what is the clinical condition in which bile salts appear in urine? Is it necessary that bile pigments are also present? Which are the bile salts? Pigments?
Quantitative, creatinine. The procedure had been submitted in 5 minutes following beginning.
Viva questions included creatinine clearance, normal values, condition in which it gets high, creatinine is synthesized from which amino acids?
The case history was given while we were doing the experiment, mine was about genetic disorders.
The spotters soon followed.
- urinometer, use
- benzidine, use
- Benedict's, constituents
- hay's test identification
- broom stick shaped crystals
The viva began at 2. Took longer than physio and anatomy per person per examiner. At least 5 minutes. All imaginable standard questions were asked.
Pantothenic acid deficiency, scurvy, xerophthalmia, niacin deficiency
Liver functions; test for synthetic function
van Gorke's disease. Why does it affect urea metabolism.

There were a lot more questions asked. (I heard someone being asked of RAS, cancer markers, Criggler Najjar, etc.) I answered HoD the question she had asked me in the morning, and out I came as a free man, like Andy in Shawshank Redemption, the awesome movie I saw right after reaching home the next morning.

 *The mnemonic was:
First you do heat coagulation and if it is albumin, then:
Xanthoproteic test makes people go round (for aromatic amino acids)
yet millions (Millon's) of people try a hand (tyrosine)
hoping for (Hopkins Cole) to be a krypton fan (tryptophan)
Yet, true success (sakaguchi) arguably (arginine)
comes (cystein&cystine) only to certain people
who are posch (Molisch)

If it was casein (protein in milk), first you'll have to do isoelectric pH test, because babies need the exact pH. And then the new man (Neumann) is killed with concentrate nitric acid and sulphuric acid.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Physiology practical

So, we go to the lab in the morning at 8.30 without breakfast. And wait there till about 9. I went without a watch and there was no clock like in anatomy hall, so don't know the exact timings.
The group is divided into 3. One group starts with hematology, one goes down for human experiments, while my group starts with clinical physiology.

I get the questions
"Palpate and auscultate axillary and posterior lung fields"
"Examine the sensory system of the subject"
The examiner conveniently lets me skip demonstrating 90% of tests.

Then, I go down to do the perimeter experiment. Easy viva: parts of the instrument, what is blindspot.

Running back to the hematology lab I have the most important segment of the  day in practical side.
Major experiment: Absolute eosinophil count
Minor experiment: Bleeding time, clotting time
Chart: Jugular venous pressure
Problem/case: Hemiplegia

Confronted with all of them simultaneously, I did a small dance :D

Finished off the minor experiment while trying to focus the old worn out Neubar's chamber. And that let me take the viva for that experiment (which included the charts and problems) along with the first set of people who'd been doing hematology from beginning.
Bleeding time method: I answered Duke's method. (What I did was, putting 6 points of decreasing size :D)
Clotting time method: Ans: Slide and nail method :P
What is that thread you're pulling out? Fibrin!
Ok, what stabilizes fibrin? Clotting factors.
Which one? Von Willebrend.
No? No idea.
Factor 13? Stuart Power. ?
No? IDK.

So, jugular venous pressure.
What is the normal right atrial pressure? (I said 14 mmHg, must be even lower)
When is it higher than that? (I said right ventricular hypertrophy and tricuspid valve stenosis)

And this case history, what does it suggest? lesion in the lower part of internal capsule (after crossing has occurred) [copied directly from memory :P]
{I've a vague idea that the facial nerve is also injured, and that the symptoms are that of Bell's palsy}
So when she asks what if the lesion had occurred before crossing, I say partial closing and drooping of eyelids. She asks what happens to eyes, I say IDK :D

Then, I'm left with just the eosinophil count. And I'm still unable to see any lines on the chamber. I wait for people of first set to leave and snatch a newer Neubar's chamber. Should say this one was perfect! All the lines right on my face. Thus I begin the battle. Drains blood, loads the chamber, focuses. Nothing on the slide. New blood, again loading, same result. Finally I think of the number of eosinophil cells, and understand that it would be too diluted. And trade secret idea, I take more of blood, and less of dilution factor. Only to end up with 550 cells/cu mm which's slightly high. But that's not because there were so many cells, it was because I counted every black spot as a cell. Before submission I strike down the numbers to make it 275 cells. Still the examiner couldn't find out any :P
Anyhow, when is eosinophil more in number? eosinophilia: allergy, parasitic infection.
When is eosinopenia? depression of bone marrow
what stain does it take up? eosin.
color? pink. no ma'am blue. I mean pink. Basophils take up blue.
What are the granules? Histamine, serotonin. NO, they're basophilic granules. Don't know.
Fine or coarse granules? Gothilla.
Ok, fine.

Then! viva. after lunch break (but no lunch taken)
First examiner. CNS
Descending tracts? Cortico spinal...
Origin of it? Somatosensory cortex.
Where is it? Precentral gyrus.
Where is that? anterior to central gyrus. Brodmann's area 4.
Ok, what is postcentral's number? 3,1,2
8 is? conjugate movements of eye in frontal lobe
[some other number]? I don't know.
Wernicke's area importance? Ma'am, seat of intelligence, all language comprehension everything.
Aphasia? 3 types - wernicke's, broca's, global.

Second examiner: endocrine.
Anterior pituitary hormones? FSH, LH, ACTH, TSH, Growth Hormone..
Ha! GH. Functions? Promotes growth.
Through? IGF.
Expansion? Insulin like growth factor
also called? somatomedin c
ok, why are african pigmies short? because of deficiency of somatomedins :P
tell me cause of dwarfism. GH axis deficiency, Thyroid axis deficiency.
Then? [thinking...]
Insulin, right? Yeah ma'am.
Ok, is insulin anabolic or catabolic. catabolic. No, anabolic. protein sparing.
Fine, male sex hormones? testosterone....
Klinefelter's, Turner's? I answer.

Examiner 3.
This viva was over in 30 seconds, and I remember answering the respiratory centres, and what deglutition is. That's all :P Ha, she asked nephron also

Examiner 4: CVS.
Normal pulse rate: 72/min
What maintains that? sympathetic, parasympathetic
autonomic. Then? Then what sir?...[thinking]...
Don't know BP? Pressure exerted by flowing blood on the artery walls.
Maintenance?? short term, intermediate term, long term
long term? renal
renal what? renin angiotensin.
ha. what is sarcomere? Functional unit of muscle fibre.
Define it! the smallest unit, consisting of actin band, myosin
just define sarcomere. functional unit of muscle.
heard of z lines? ha sir, between 2 z-lines.
hmm. what is the difference between sarcomere in cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle?
Or tell me, anatomy of cardiac muscle. branching, anastomizing, central nucleus. intercalated discs.
what is syncitium? cells acting together.
hmm. fine.

And I leave to have food.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Anatomy practical

8.15 reporting time
8.20 sticking register number on the name plate, records; sharpening pencils
8.30 time to start, but since first day, it went on to 9.30
9.35 submitting gross record, taking lots, getting assigned the table
9.45 Spotters - hopefully the following
cauda equina, foramen ovale, oblique facial cleft, facial artery, fascia lata
9.55 surface anatomy
I get external carotid and appendix
10 the discussion
front of thigh
I get asked the nerve of the compartment, the quadriceps muscle, their function, femoral sheath contents, sartorius importance, rectus femoris origin.
right lung
borders, surfaces, bronchopulmonary segments of the upper lobe, and yeah the lobes the fissures, [extra question: can bronchopulmonary segment be called bronchovascular segment? The answer, as I found out later is that it can't be because the pulmonary vein is shared by adjacent bronchopulmonary segments (I had it in mind, but as it goes, it never matters if you don't say it)]
+the examiner asks me which book I read and when I say Gray's in my computer she asks me to refer that for the answer and also whether I like anatomy to which I replied "Not more than physiology"
Then blood supply, number of bronchial arteries on right lung, contents of hilum from superior to inferior, importance of pulmonary ligament, identifying impressions on mediastinal surface - venacavas, oesophagus (answered with a clue)
And the lymphatic drainage, its importance (turns out bronchial carcinoma spreads through lymphatics) and when I said yeah it must, because cancer is common because of smoking, she asks me whether I smoke. I don't.
Couple of signs, and we're off to histology lab - no breaks.
11.30 Inside histology lab picking a general slide and a systemic slide, after submitting record
11.35-55 Drawing the diagrams of
White Fibrous Cartilage
Where are they found? How do you differentiate from other cartilages?
What is the shape of Purkinje cells, what is Rosette formation? Which cells take part in its formation? What are the input fibres? Climbing fibres is from?
And then gets called for spotters
10 of them with one chart of Patau's
And I remember seeing Gall bladder (interestingly placed vertical), trachea, tongue, optic nerve, Bone TS, cardiac muscle, Thymus, Thyroid, Kidney

At 12.30 we left the hall returning slides and taking back records for meeting at 1.45 for viva

1.45 everyone assembles in the demonstration room waiting.
4 tables, 4 examiners : above diaphragm soft tissues + osteology, below diaphragm soft tissues + osteology, radiography, embryology.
Radiography: contrast x-ray of oesophagus, lateral view. The implications, the clinical conditions.
Lower than diaphragm: Small intestine : Parts, gross differences between duodenum and ileum
Tibia, side, attachments to upper end
Above diaphragm:
Heart, the branches of aorta, right & left coronary artery, branches of right.
Fetal skull, which are the fontanelles
Thyroid, corresponding tracheal ring, blood supply
Embryology: Arterial arch, derivatives. Ectodermal clefts - derivatives. How is the external ear formed? Mr Spook? Star Trek? Yet to see in vacation. Ok, forget about it. Atrial septum formation.

Bye bye to dissection hall. And while taking back the gross record the attender was asking everyone for Rs 20/- ! Corruption!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The end

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Physiology paper 2

Click on the image to enlarge

Monday, June 25, 2012

Physiology paper 1

Friday, June 22, 2012

Anatomy paper 2

Same applies. No comments

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anatomy paper 1

No comments till result

Friday, June 8, 2012

Switching Techniques

Learning is a constant search for new ideas how to study effectively, more efficiently, better. Especially when there is too much to cover, and you get bored by just the sheer index of what you've got to cover.

My latest idea is to write down all those ideas. :D

  • Stand up
  • Keep an alarm for 30 minutes from the time (to check you're not distracted 30 minutes later)
  • Have an overview
  • Speed read
  • Read related topics (follow "see page..." links)
  • Recall
  • Take small simple breaks, very frequently

And then, when the alarm rings, come back to studying

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back to Basics

Parkinson's law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.
Study holiday version of the same: Work contracts to fit inside the time left for completion.

The circadian arrhythmia cannot explain my craving for a punching bag. But, in between there are streaks of concentrated study where I feel like I have solved the entire human body. And that's how the days pass before the first year final examination (scheduled to begin on 21st with Anatomy. Count it, 14 days to go!)

Compacting an year into 3 weeks requires a great deal of mental strength, which, contrary to my claims, I lack. :P
And thus, this post (because the mind is constantly searching for things to do other than reading including - a website with free, quality, detailed, and fun content of medical education; a 3d model of the human body (javascript) and other things  which have been scheduled to be done in summer)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

3rd internal - anatomy

:D development of anatomy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3rd internal physiology

Of all things, cardio-respiratory changes during third trimester?
Motivation and addiction are what are needed to complete this.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3rd internal biochemistry

Image courtesy: Aquib

Expected questions!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough times won't last, but tough people do

Today, the first Dr S N Arun Kumar Memorial Award for the topper in physiology was awarded to Ms Shivapriya of 2k10.


Speaking of topping, the past few days have been extremely productive for me in terms of how much I learned.

Rain makes people nostalgic, makes them sit down and gives them quality time to read and reflect.

That is how I discovered that continuing with Harper alone wouldn't do me any good in first MBBS biochem paper. And so, I've added Zigu's unused vasudeva textbook to my arsenal. So far, it has proved only good. I discovered how phenylalanine becomes my favorite dopamine, in the very first session with the book.

Says will power, uses blood glucose. Maybe that's why I feel hungry after minutes with textbook. Lemme try studying with a cup of sugary juice around and see if it's gonna help

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Business, as usual

The 1961 year research grant - ₹10,000 for the best 10 project write-ups, application for it has been invited, last day April 30
Dermatology quiz.
The last two months in first year, are going past, silently

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to make a good presentation

First, think who the audience is, what they want, what do they know, what to tell

Attitude + belief + knowledge = behaviour

The presentation was probably aimed at the wrong audience, because I lost interest and stopped listening :P

Personality development by Dr M A Shekhar

Personality is what you do when you are being watched
Character is what you do whether you are being watched or not

No one can go back and change a bad beginning, but anyone can start now and create a successful ending

How to
1 subconscious programming
Just before sleeping, just after walking up, childhood conscious mind is active enough to generate the positive traits

2 reinforced programming
Autosuggestion and repetition

3 defensive approach
Protest or deny the negative traits at it's very beginning of the entering in the subconscious store

4 imaginary anchoring
Anchor great personalities in imagination and let them shape our personality

5 physical action
Body language approach
Consciously practice body language of positive traits

6 domino effect
By being with great people great cultured company

Accept responsibility

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The beginning!

The socials is one important event in the first year at MMC.

The planning began two weeks ago, with the date being fixed on march 17, a week after holi.

Fixing the budget and location went hand in hand. Ali incorporated was assigned the event organizing job, and for Rs 500 per person, we got Regaalis, photographer, microphones booked. The estimated attendance was 110 students + 5 staff/pg. It actually went up to 128.

Planning committee meetings saw us talking this and that from the pond every evening.
The games committee including me decided on anthakshari, catch the grape, balloon bursting, fire in the mountain, hearts, balance the ball and guess who; of which only the last three were played due to am unusually fast running clock on the night.
As decided, there was no single MC for the night. People took it up segment by segment.

Immediately after the name "Inizio" was chosen for its Italian meaning "the beginning", the chat group of the same name was created in whatsapp, which then formed the corpus callosum of conversation between the two hostels.

The amount was collected by about the 9th of March, and then there was no going back.

Gifts, prizes, equipments for games were all imported from mannars market. Invitation cards were handmade, and despatched hours before the event; and some, after the event.

Rose stall was bought for 3k and fetched profit too, in the end.

Jukebox was being managed by the class representatives.

About 3 sleepless nights later, everything was ready and the day had come. Saturday. We had two hours of class.

The eager wait for evening. Then the pasteurization by seniors began at 4 and went on till about 6.30.

Six guys went to LH to pick up the ladies. And thus, everyone reached the venue at around 7.30 - the original dinner time.

Since we were running late, we didn't wait for any time

time sucking events like introductory speech or so. And I directly started the heart game. Making people say yes/no, easy. So, keeping one's hearts safe - tough. Immediately after that, since the original buffet time was 7.30, we had dinner, by about 8.15. Dinner was a scramble. All the gentlemen having it before the ladies could even go near. There was soup (forgot to mention, there was a welcome drink like lemon juice), rice, rotti, ice cream all sorts of things prepared by some famous chef whom I don't know. Anilkumar LN sang kal ho na ho. Dr Parashuram and Dr Ravi was given the mementos just before they left. And then, as if we were waiting for that, the rose bidding started. 800 was the starting bid for the first red rose. 1800 was what it was sold for. Guess who game was hosted by Sri raksha and nivedha. And then there was bidding for all kinds of roses - yellow, bunch of 5, two of this two of that, bunch of 10. What it meant was that poor me didn't have any left to buy in the end. And also, the time was around 10, much behind our schedule. And thus, the b the b was started immediately. Harshith, this time doing the MCing part. Titles were awarded by Sri raksha and nivedha again. Starting with Mr chivalrous, through Mr flirt to Mr papa For the misses, Aquib and priyadarshi announced ms shakira, ms sleeping beauty and so on. Ms 2k11 was won by hs vyshnavi and Mr, the author of this blog. And then just as we were wondering what to do next, the boys led by shakeeb began dancing, which soon made the darbar hall the dance floor. At around 11.30, when the police guy game complaining, we stopped dancing, to go on the party that never ends. The beginning.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Yesterday we took out both the lungs of the cadaver. And it was indeed balloon like! Too sad I couldn't take a pic.

The first year socials is being planned.

Got physiology answer paper. I'm doing very poor (due to lack of studying). Thus, the end of this post

Friday, March 2, 2012

Recent Advances in HIV

Attending a seminar on HIV, recent advances on it, by Dr. M. A. Balasubramanya, CEO of Swami Vivekananda youth movement.

The pathology hall, this is my first time here. But it's awesome - large (enough to school accomodate at least three hundred people easily), with an entrance that directly lead to the back rows, and I almost went back from right at its door thinking there's nobody present while there actually was about hundred students from all years.

And it started off with a nice description of the doctor's first day in MBBS (guessed right, he is an MMC alumni)

Turning into the purpose of learning medicine. Service?

Vivekananda used to say all there beautiful inspiring things. Yeah, like it was said in the hostel days before.

Health, education, socioeconomic empowerment and education something are the four sections in which SVYM works.

started its journey in 1986 in India.
1992 NATO established.
National AIDS Control Program (NACP) phase 1 launched in the same year, extended till '99

And preventive health care, making people socially and economically productive is what p&sm deals with.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a retrovirus (converts RNA into DNA) that is found only in human beings and can survive only in humans.

HIV type 1, 2. Subtypes.
Helper cells, cytotoxic cells
Lifecycle of the virus
In CD4 cells.

Starts off as viral fever. 6-12 weeks, no positive HIV test.

In 5-10 years, AIDS develops.

For a kid born to HIV mother,rapid test can confirm AIDS only after 18 months.

Routes: sex, mother, blood, needles

Getting to zero: zero new infections, zero discrimination, zero AIDS-related deaths

Counseling is very important because the doctor or nurse will not always be taking care of the patient.
And integrated counseling an

and testing centre should be the entry point of any patient Five blood tests on donation: hepatitis b, c, malaria, HIV, syphilis Stigma! We have not grown, as a society, to accept sex and related topics as a part of life and discuss them. And then it continued, about palliative care and so on. Compliance and adherence. The speaker got a slip to remind him of time? I left.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden jubilee celebration at UG Men's Hostel

The great hostel, is celebrating its fiftieth year today. www.starofmysore.com/main.asp?type=news&item=31482

And warden, Dr. C. Rajan retires tomorrow www.starofmysore.com/main.asp?type=news&item=31481

Details coming minute by minute

Friday, February 24, 2012

Madhyaraatriya Tiganegalu

<p>The mini vacation mode that lies between theory and practical examination!</p>
<p>The hostel is getting a complete makeover. New gate, cleaner floors. The invitation cards all printed and being sent. Dunno whether anyone has agreed to participate in cultural programs section. And still no water :P</p>
<p>By the way, here's the <a href="www.facebook.com/events/244317888989029">facebook event</a>. Do join.</p>
<p>Went for Jodi breakers (@sterling) a very stupid movie featuring madhavan with bipasha! And in the evening saw a drama whose title I've made the heading of this post, at kalamandir. It was a comedy drama, about a man being disturbed from sleep by people who knock at his door. And swathi's elder sister was acting too. </p>
<p>Sterling theatre is very good in that there will never be rush, maybe because the sound system stops working at critical dialogues, due to what appears like power failures.</p>
<p>Had histology revision in the morning. That is the magic one hour where you go from knowing nothing about how esophagus differs from colon, to being able to spot any slide without even the microscope ;-)<br>
Gotta review cross sections of brain tomorrow.</p>
<p>Back at the hostel, in the night, there was this critical semifinal hockey match between India and Poland. And that was the first time in my life that I enjoyed the national game of India, sheerly due to the awesome crowd in front of the screen

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Second internal - Anatomy

Always a relief

When it's a war, the bruises do not count

Part 1

Medical school is so eventful that documenting everything that happens is amazingly tough. (Just see the size of Gray's Anatomy, that is how much it'd be if everything was put in words)
Yet, the sheer fun in letting others know about the awesome, sometimes depressive to the point people "seriously quit", poly-tonic, and busy life inside a hospital, is now making me hope that I'll full these pages with words faster than I can type.


Part 2

Do not believe part 1. Not even in your dreams. When there is an exam going on, I get all sorts of crazy ideas, blog posts, thousand important interesting things to do, none of which can wait till the end of the week (because after the week, when exam is done with, I wouldn't even remember what those were).

So, I've started a Physiology blog too :-P
That is, assuming I've already told you about the Anatomy blog and the Biochemistry blog :-P :-P

And do you seriously think I'll post on all four of these? Well, let's see how well the time-management-ninja I've become does

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second internal - Physiology

Always makes you feel better

Being Myself

Hostel life brings you an opportunity to be yourself. What that means for me right now is that I'm going back to my old ways of bathing once in four days, which my loving mom had a very hard time trying to change.
In fact by the time I left my house she had succeeded in it. But, as I mentioned, Mysore Medical College undergraduate hostel for men, is now letting me improve upon the days-without-bath count by suffering from acute hypohydro-ism (water scarcity). I know this counts as whining. But just in case the health minister notices this before coming to inaugurate the Swami Vivekananda statue, and the solar lights (as a party of the golden jubilee celebration) on Saturday, may be he can know how I've hidden all my dirty clothes in my big suit case for welcoming him into my pseudo-clean room.

Speaking of the solar lights, there are too many of them, everywhere, that now you gotta keep an eye out unless you wanna dash into the tall metal pole with the photovoltaic cells mounted on top of it. But it does lend the hostel a futuristic look!
I'll try to post pictures once they start working (and before they stop doing so)

Monday, February 20, 2012

second internal - biochemistry

Better luck next time :-P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Time sync

The timings of my posts may create the impression that I rarely sleep. But that's not exactly right. I sleep all the time, and sometimes wake up at odd times. That's all

Posted at 0715 IST

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Android and non-Droids

Time's been flying!
I survived a conjunctivitis attack.
Was given a very nice surprise by my friends on my b'day at the shore of kukrahalli.
I'm in love, with my new phone - HTC explorer, Android 2.3
And the second internal starts from twenty first of February.

Well, that's in short.
Now, we no longer wait to hear "leave the hall" in dissection hall; when it's time, start moving the chairs and we're off.
And there's news that next year there's gonna be two hundred or two fifty students in first year. Dunno where they're gonna stay.

Plus, the meditation session going on every day after class, as an experiment by the physiology department is going strong. I was the only guy who attended it today :-P.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National youth day

Alumni association is conducting a formal function celebrating swami vivekananda jayanthi (150th birthday) and national youth day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The exponential lag phase

Time has been flying past the first internal. (That's exactly how the clock has been behaving all these years - overcome the inertia, and speed up to infinity)

human physiology experiments. Yeah! Stethoscope in our ears. Finally came to know what exactly those had to do in measuring blood pressure.

i discovered an awesome blog by one of our seniors - li-files.blogspot.com

skull looks cute.

I'm attending guitar classes now.

And, seniors finished their exams (or not?)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

The year's first mass bunk happened on the last day of 2011. Saturday. Up to 15 people were reported to have attended the classes.
And as expected, it was celebration throughout the midnight.
The mess hall turned into a dance ball.
The TV was the DJ.
Then, burning the hostel. Palm leaves, fire-logs, kerosene - inflammable combination.
Wishing everyone around the fire.
All networks were jammed at the right time.

+I learned the art of pulling out an all nighter. To finish the gross anatomy record. It was fun. Theophylline (instead of the preferred caffeine) and Taylor Swift's Love Story.

Then, yeah, Dr Asha, physiology dept., has agreed to give us all the presentations she uses in the class.Well, that could be called a stride towards being like MIT.

I guess my brain needs some sleep. ZZZ...