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Friday, December 23, 2011

Brain in the Bag

Friday was an awesome day at the dissection lab. Where we turned carpenters. Saw, axo, knife, chisel, and what not. Breaking open the skull, we took out the brain. The soft, really palpable tissue, in our hands, finally proving that brain, does, exist.

I came home for Christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hernia Ne Bana Di Life

This post dedicated to Shubham, who is right here messaging some of the new friends he got, thanks to the inguinal hernia he had and which was operated y'day morning by Dr S K Balakrishna.

A surgery! What a way to start medical life!

Students' special ward, is the place. 11, 12.

And the fantastic thing about it is that he's now able to walk for short distances by this time I'm posting this.

Bactoclav (amoxycillin and potassium clavulanate injection) is the life saving antibiotic. And thanks to interns and pgs, we've stocked enough of those.

Food, is not a problem for him (he's got the tube delivery direct to blood)
but it is, for us. So lemme go and have dinner.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

MAA Utsav 2011 end of session 1

Lunch time and i came back to hostel. No more live commentary. Thanks for tuning in.
There's amusement in the afternoon, and two classes 2mro.

Friday, December 9, 2011

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr Prashanth G R

PET CT an introduction
consultant of nuclear medicine says the trend is moving towards molecular basis
it uses radio active isotopes?

Shows increased enzymatic activity. And cancer cells have increased glycolysis, etc

decisions are based on anato-metabolic imaging

this can be taken to the heart too and brain!

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr M S Vishveshwara

From deep x-ray to imrt

from current to current (state of art treatment)
change is the only constant thing in life

so, we should learn new things, change.

3 idiots dialogue.

To diagnose we use kilo volts, but to treat it takes mega volts. And radiation is no longer delivered using radio active substances, but x-ray

medical linear accelerator
rotates around patient to deliver from multiple angles

earlier the dose could be only given through a square or rectangle that could also include the normal tissue.
Then, it became possible to give custom shapes.

Then, intensity modulated radiation therapy. Dose required, is dose delivered.
Computer controlled multileaf collimater

cancers- head, neck, breast, prostrate, etc are all treated.

The media should be handled carefully
knowledge is power

and the video that explains the 360 degree treatment, except that it didn't explain how it comes from below the person - through the bed?

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr Radhesh

MR guided HIFU

high intensity focused ultrasound.
Necrosis of fibroids without surgery

leiomyoma - uterine fibroid is non malignant but very incapacitating.
Ok. So there is mri, ultra sound directed on the prone patient inside the machine. Painless, non-invasive, targeted, non-anesthetic, ends in 3 hours.

The hifu heats the tumor to 60 degrees, it undergoes necrosis and get absorbed gradually. Reduced symptoms in 1 month.

So after voxel by voxel sonication, there's 80%+ non perfused volume.

Scars don't have blood, so it could burn. But there are scar patch beams

better quality of life!

MAA Utsav 2011 Dr Mahesh B H

The last post was made a bit too quick. This year on, the orators are being given a silver medallion for the first time. And citation as normal.

Surgical approach to complex spinal deformity

this doctor was all India rank 1 in pg entrance!

MS ortho from aiims!

Non academic first 2 minutes. Experience at college. Late comer for 9 o'clock ward, copies during internal.

Scoliosis. Even Hrithwik roshan had it.

Stop the growth at convex side, allow concave to grow.

Skeletal maturity, if you wait for it after the first presentation, it's gross negligence.

Shows several cases. Operation is pure mechanics. Put steel, screws all over, straighten the spine.

And cervical pedical screws introduced even before the west has started using it!

So, again and again. All spinal deformities are best addressed as early as possible.

Catch them young.

MAA Utsav 2011 Dr Nagarathna

The first speech, about yoga and its effect. I missed the first part because i went for free breakfast :-D
in between, bad news for Divya Deepa trust. The plan for a stall in this meet didn't succeed because we hadn't asked for permission in time.

Ok. Back to yoga.
Says, yoga is better than normal exercise routine in increasing HDL.

Yoga for cancer!
Only pilot studies as of now. Hospital stay, anxiety, depression reduces during therapy.
cortisol level increased.

They say yoga doing people can sleep better than normal exercisers

back pain
all the same story.
Yoga group better than normal exercise group.

I wish i could actually see how the experiments were done, what exercise did the non-yoga group do?

Says, techniques from sages have enormous healing potential that requires very little chemical interference.

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr B S Ajaykumar

Here's the summary of the first speech i listened to in MAA Utsav.

Dr AjayKumar is an oncologist and founder of hcg cancer treatment

the statistics, he says, say that there are only 1 million new cancer cases in India while it's 1.5 in usa. This is obviously error of enumeration.
And it's exemplified in the 'arogyashree' program of Andhra Pradesh where bpl people are given free health care (even tertiary)and this has led to an increasing number of patients crowding at all leading hospitals with cancer, cardiac or ortho care. The question is, where had these people been going before the inception of this particular program?
And then, it could be misused in a society like India's.
And then there's the health care system of Switzerland which's based on compulsory health insurance.

To finish, he talked about how India is now just following the west in medical methodology and not innovating anymore like she used to, before British came along. Why not we lead!?

MAA Utsav 2011

In the audi listening to wonderful speech by Dr B S Ajaykumar, cofounder of hcg, cancer treatment institute in Bangalore and around India.
It's the alumni meet. And there are doctors all over (obviously, you don't expect engineers).
Dr C G Narasimhan gave an address too.

Next, is the scientific session. I shall keep updating as it comes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post examination post

Yes, a lot happened after those tense two weeks.
No, I didn't go home. But I went around Karnataka with friends. Tumkur, Bangalore in 2.5 days. Thursday, past lunch you leave, Sunday for dinner you're back at hostel.
Then obviously there wasn't so much of what could be called a break, as there would not be.
The classes resumed right after the last batch finished their anatomy practical.
And Divya Deepa won the first round in spark the rise competition.
And went to the Dasara exhibition for the first time. The columbus boat rocks.
The SC/ST students got free Sony vaio worth 40k+ from college. And one of my friends bought a Toshiba C640 14013 laptop from Singvi computers for 24990 just today evening.
Got an invite from Diaspora, it's google+ itself.
Oh, btw, we've moved on to the head, brain and neck region in anatomy!
And, the good news: I passed in anatomy. 23/40 in theory, 26 in practical.
Physiology? 32. Only that it's out of 70 :D

Lesson learned: READ something, don't just blog, have fun, and marvel at the human body.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Anatomy practical exam

10 o'clock. I slept.
10.55 ran to anatomy hall.
One sheet of paper. 2 questions, 5 spotters.
Study shoulder joint. Study tibia.
Dr Dakshayani, HoD ma'am came for my viva!
Tibia is one bone i didn't know very much about, the other bones include humerus, radius, ulna, femur, fibula, pretty much every bone :-D
but somehow i managed to tell some insertions.. Guy rope muscles.
Girl in between two surgeons
medical college lucknow, Lucknow medical college
the shoulder joint was no different.
Spotted implantation site of embryo, superficial palmar arch. Median nerve, supply, function of soleus, was all mistaken.
Ulnar nerve for surface landmark!

Histology lab. 10 slides. 10 minutes. 10 out of 10? Ha ha ha.
Got cardiac muscle for discussion.

Divya Deepa voting at men's hostel. Got many votes from first year friends.

Went chat street after that. Awesome rain! Stood inside the make shift tent of the small businesses. Ran in rain, back to hostel.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gave up last night. Stopped studying after doing mammary gland alone, slept peacefully.
Went inside exam hall expecting sure failure.

But! Long essay - breast.
Short essays - fertilization!, femoral sheath, obturator nerve, long saphenous vein, lumbricals!
All of them, i had faint memories of.

Started the serious studying with biochemistry. Gerrad's quadret is alkaptonuria, cystinuria, pentosuria, and albinism!

Went out in celebration during night. Big bazaar's food bazaar is the place. Photo in my Google+ profile. (For that matter, I've made my Fb account dormant) if you want a link, see towards the right of the blog

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 2 of first internal

Was feeling less tense than ever going to physiology test. Went for jogging in the morning. Was ready with A4 size paper and all to write. But special notebooks were being provided.
And though 'blood' wasn't given the prominent status as we thought it'd be, i guess i did well.

Running to Biochem practical hall from there was easier than settling between intuition and lack of knowledge in there.
The solution 14 was clean, clear, colourless. Molisch's - check.
Iodine test:
3 mL of solution was taken, one drop of iodine was added. Deep colour was observed. And i wrote the observation. And then it struck! Doesn't that mean it's starch? But what about the clarity of solution?

Ah! That horrible moment in the chemistry lab when the solution back stabs you.
Confusion, confusion! And then i proceeded as if the answer was negative (not filling in the answer script, btw)
Benedict's - answers!
(Well, starch could have glucose units that drop down from the main chain)
osazone - no. Nothing in 5 minutes. Around 20 minutes and there's slight crystal formation, i guess (the kind i used to get in lactose/maltose, not enough to be transferred to slide)
ok. Barfoed's - no answer.
Ok. I'm gonna settle with starch, I said to myself. Hydrolysis, ok. Then Benedict's, obviously positive. Seliwanoff's - negative. Hmmm. Not Sucrose either. But what about the transparent solution? Looking at others on the way to osazone formation, i could see clearly white solutions of starch. What the?
Iodine test again! Same deep colour. Not exactly violet. Sort of black. Ok, that's what i got in 12th standard during the biology practicals. This is it. Starch!

And i still don't know if it was indeed starch or not. I even tried tasting (yes, that's against lab rules, but this is carbohydrates we're dealing with) and i had taken so little for the fear of cyanide poisoning that i couldn't be sure it was not sweet.

Professor Mahadeva sir comes for viva. And he takes my paper and starts asking about starch..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Then you know, that the companion is a bad book

Just out of biochemistry exam hall. The questions were not all unexpected. And the answers were meager as expected.

Lesson learned: Don't study for an exam, study for life

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Two hypothesis

These are two of the various byproducts of preparation for exam

1. How is antibiotic resistance formed?
There are some resistant bacteria, and a lot of non resistant. Then the weaker ones are killed by tablet. Stronger by lymphocytes or macrophages. If tab stopped halfway, immunity can't wipe out all those rest, and they'll start proliferation. Most of these would be resistant.

So, why doesn't the resistant variety increase in number earlier itself? Limitation to increase in population (due to nutrition?)

ok. So, what if we go reverse, put weaker bacteria with strong ones, strangle the strong ones by competition, and then use antibiotic or anything?

2. Sleepy when lying down
probable reason. Pressure towards cephalic part increase. So, to compensate blood pressure is decreased. Brain's .. Oh. Forget about it

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dream, dream, dream

Here's the resolution that's doing its round: "I'll study systematically after this exam"

well I've been telling that ever since 9th standard.

Let's see, how the habits formed during stress conform during relief.

Not to forget the "6 pack abs before human experiments in physiology" resolution. As a part of it I've been jogging 6 to 7 for the past 3 days. And Mysore is a place beautiful enough to enjoy a run.

Histology slide review. All 21 slides, 2 times those, were kept ready under 42 microscopes. Everyone would stand at their positions (some as dummies) and then there's this slow round like a music chair competition. You get one minute to identify the slide you're viewing. And then you've to pass on to the next slide. 50 minutes later we check our answers only to find that what we thought spleen was a serous salivary gland.

Not to forget how bold we finally became in Physio lab, to prick our fingers. Because this day, we had to finish 4 experiments including differential wbc count. And those who hesitate, won't finish. Learned a few lessons there. Even when in hurry, make the blood reach the finger tip by appropriately pressing proximal parts before pricking. Otherwise no drop of blood's formed even when the lancet has penetrated all the way to your bone.

The anti b serum must be faulty. Mine didn't show any agglutination though i was pronounced b positive the last and only time i did blood typing.

Ok. Time for revision..er..first vision of some topics.i

Friday, November 11, 2011

Micro gazing with both eyes open

It was very tough for me to close one eye alone, without using my hand. But turns out that when you're viewing even a monolocular microscope, professionals prefer to keep both their eyes open!
and luckily this was easier for me.
Here's how to view a single eye piece microscope with both eyes open.
In the beginnings,
1. Focus the slide with one eye closed, like you're accustomed to.
2. Use your hand to close the eye while you keep watching the slide.
3. Now, instead of closing the eyelids with the hand, cover your eye with the hand, such that no light enters your non-gazing eye, and keep it open (to see nothing but darkness).
Continue watching the slide with the active eye.
4. Focus, concentrate on the slide. Slowly remove the hand covering your eye without being conscious about it.
5. You must now be having both eyes open, but seeing only the slide.

Yes, the nose piece sometimes superimpose on the slide while viewing like this. But that's just a lapse of concentration, or may be too much of it (because the trick is to forget the other eye and its views)

one tip is to not keep your eyes too close such that your eyelashes block your view

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The magazine of year '10-11 was just released from the auditorium..

Plus, the secretaries, committees, etc have rolled over to the new one..

All sports and cultural achievements were recognized.

And we're now waitin for cultural activities

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The beauty of first MBBS

Here's what we learn in the first year of MBBS... Touch any point on your body, we're gonna be able to tell what structures lie underneath (anatomy), what reactions occur in the microscopic picture beneath it (biochem) and what the implication of these reactions are, in other parts of the body (physiology)...
that is knowing every nook and corner of the body.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Internal's turn

The very first internal exam's gonna happen on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November, as it was put up in biochem lab.
New general secretary, coordinating secretary and magazine secretary talked to us after dissection (during which we disarticulated the lower limb, bathing in fat and blood doing the adduction) mentioning the magazine (of 10-11 batch) release happening on November 9.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Treating the disease and not the symptoms

If you had the power to change one thing about India, what'd you choose? Corruption, inequality, injustice are all issues that need to be given a death knell as soon as possible. But our journey towards a better India needs a start from elsewhere - better education.
"But we already have quality schools!?" is the question that pops up. No! You're wrong. There might be schools that produce intellectual giants, or money spinners. But there is hardly any place where nation builders - the incorrigible set of young achievers who'll strive till their last breath for a better world - are born.
And that is where Kaliyuva mane makes its humble entrance.
"The soul of India lives in its villages" said Gandhiji. Everyone shook their heads in agreement. And then? Then they continued their soulless city life. The 740 million rural population were left to till, plough, reap, but not to enjoy their toil.
It's in one of these 638,000 neglected villages that Kaliyuva mane is, now, growing.

Will it change anything? It doesn't require a lot of optimism to understand that nothing else will.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Didn't imagine I'd be so jobless at home.
Diwali holidays - Tuesday and Thursday in Karnataka, Wednesday in Kerala
celebrated my brother's birthday with him on Sunday.

Got in a Bangalore bus at around 8 am on Monday from the great Mattanur bus stand. Got down at ramaswamy circle at 10 minutes to 1

played cricket the whole afternoon thus completing 5th day without touching any textbook

back in anatomy hall, dissection had reached the gluteal region under the new professor, Dr Rashmi.

The attendance was less than 50% on Wednesday, as expected.

I've got an acute lower back pain, thanks to the Kerala part of the two 5 hour bus rides i've had last week. But i guess it's not got anything to do with my myelon getting compressed or anything. Add to it the 15 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, and 15 crunches i've added to my routine after seeing that outdated ssb interview call letter, and you get a person who can't bend, ride his cycle swiftly or lift his physiology textbook.

Bought black formal shoes to replace my unacceptable woodland shoes. more market had my dream lace-less match for just Rs 244!

Saturday's are turning out to be awesome days. Guys went to the zoo. I had my required dose of self improvement from the personal excellence blog (the map of consciousness is attached with its highest level removed)

blissful life :-)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Charity begins at hostel

Indeed lower limb is thicker than the upper limb..and there's the genital blocking our way all the time. But what needs to be done has already been done - draw the first blood..err..i mean first formalin..

Skipping breakfast has now become a life saving habit.

And a few seniors have joined Divya Deepa volunteer force under the leadership of whom paper empowerment has started at hostel

Friday, October 14, 2011

Racing ahead

The upper limb's done. We being the dissection of lower limb on Monday. But don't ask me about how much I've learned. If it was easy to learn, it'd not have been so tough to get into.
Setting that aside, the week went pretty quick. Celebrated Arya's birthday on Wednesday.
And as it happens often it took me back to the days at CVG. Birthdays are small festivals, because it's too long a wait for official festivals.
And Uday annan asked to put up Divya Deepa's poster on our notice board. But where's the notice board in our college? Or who notices it? Missing CVG's big notice boards that nobody going in could miss(from seeing, that is).

So, i can now reads paragraphs in Kannada if i know what they're about.
And we had 100% attendance for biochemistry tutorial today (the awesome sight in which 3 people were trying unsuccessfully to impress ma'am with DNA's double helix structure is attached)

Purushottam sir's physiology hours continue to rock.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


The exhibition duties, and the management of it, taught me one thing. When we start getting postings next year, i should never exchange my duty with someone who has their duty before mine.
Then, that Samsung phone chargers are very hard to find lying around, unlike Nokia's

Mysore zoo is big! 3 km to walk, i guess. And parking is tight. But not for my AXN DX
the lone gorilla in south Asia, resting in its own special swing just like us.
Hyena, not laughing though.
And the lion producing a roar reminiscent of the rock song competition

the lower limb osteology begins Monday morning! Time to start reading upper limb.

Kids from Kaliyuva mane'll visit exhibition at 4 tomorrow.

Speaking of which, exhibition gets over tomorrow.

Got the chance to do my favourite task - typing. For the magazine, from the digital library. Figured out how it works. There's a wifi something, it'll ask for some password, you need to enter the one written on the table. It's all pirated windows 7. And the downloads are all movies. Facebook is banned by notice, the only site visited in practice.
Will post those medical slangs soon after the magazine is out.

The hostel's beginning to get back to its full strength. Half of the half who went into long leave has returned. The rest'll hopefully be here by Wednesday, after Valmiki Jayanthi on Tuesday.

Everyone's got a new roll number (w.e.f. Monday) No. Not everyone. Mine doesn't change from 8. Arya, Arun, Aparna, Anilkumar joins table 1 which's got Bhavika as the last member. Zigu'll take 150 without any competition.

Ok. That's it for tonight. No, btw, i enabled Facebook timeline today (developer release)
blog's a better timeline.

On a creative surge today, lemme use it on BDC

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Subtle interplays

If a diver using oxygen cylinder to breathe under water comes back to the surface very quickly holding his breath, the air inside his lungs will expand rapidly due to the lower pressure near the surface, rupture pulmonary veins and enter the circulation causing a fatal condition called air embolism. This could happen even from a depth of 5 metres.
But where it gets interesting is that you cannot die if you take a breath on the surface, dive and return to the surface still holding that breath, no matter how deep that dive.

Almost everyone returned during Dussehra. Me, my roommate Anilkumar, harinath, etc are among the very few left because they haven't left.
Was at anatomy exhibition hall from 1 to 8 yesterday. Learned some very basic Kannada.

Reading in spirit after pooja.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Attitude directed elsewhere

Purushottam sir and the contagious nature of moods! Went to Divya Deepa trust's school - Kaliyuva mane on Sunday.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The obvious excuse

Busy. Not life stalling business, but yet.
Been sleeping more than 8 hours since Abhivyakth. Tuesday was a holiday! Spent half of it at the ENT department. Learned basic Kannada grammar from Shamanth. Forgot half of it due to hypo practice. Got identity card from the office. And Arya was speaking Kannada to the ma'am sitting there! Dumbfounded we decided to learn it too.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


If i was a writer, I'd have rewritten the history of mankind, or may be i can do that even without being that writer
Heewa meaning peace is the theme of the first day of Abhivyakth '11
that's why every senior was wearing white
i participated in English extempore. My chit pick read "if i was a writer". And i talked some thing about a writer, about blissful life http://asdofindia.blogspot.com and just about that. (That reminds me of how little I've posted in there in the past few months)
and in the night there was prelim of mad arts and punk police was superb
some solo dances and a film actor later went hostel. It was too late. Stil dinner wasn't finished at hostel, though girls bought parcel

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bwd: the fest preparation

One of the several things that's been keeping me busy for the last 2 days is not my cold. It's the inter college fest we're conducting for world peace - Abhivyakth '11.
Beginning 23rd it will go on till 25th on which day the Dussehra medical exhibition begins. Madhura, the newly elected girl CR, was representing pediatrics while i was ENT, Zigu community medicine, Sri Raksha ophthalmology, Saraswati anatomy, Harshith something, Bhavika physiology, and others filling the 20 departments. Muthalik sir is the third term representative, captain, for ENT.
All the decoration work has been completed at the auditorium. The balloons and messages, the flying pigeons and long white ribbons.

Went to Mannas market with Pavan sir to get Styrofoam etc and later with Pramod for that long white sash.

Got ulna class now.

Fwd: Fest t shirt

Abhivyakth '11 begins today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Typing skill

The routine has started becoming, well, the routine.
Dissection of the disarticulated arm is interesting. The cephalic vein which always used to scale my biceps. I finally saw it, draining some of its blood into the basilic vein through the median cubital, the vein that doctor pierced during my first and only blood donation.

Muscle physiology is over. I was supposed to do a seminar on NMJ in the last 5 minutes. But madam finished only at 11. So i couldn't.

Rode Shubham's cycle. Superb springs.
Waiting for the senior to return from his friend's sisters marriage to get mine.

Internet at Rs 10 for the hour. Removed around 500 'friends' from Facebook.
And back at the hostel they were looking for someone to type the list of students allotted to each department for the exhibition starting on 28th. Got a glimpse of how rare the coincidence between technology and medicine is.

Among so many other things, had coffee at dosha point.

Set up Palringo properly.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomorrow will die one day

Facebook has learned a lot from Google+ and changed, for the good of everyone because it'd have been so tough for a mass migration to occur.
And so, the MMC&RI 2K11 group was created. I was restricted by the limited capabilities of my phone, so i used some help from uvais my old buddy, doing computer science at anjarakandy engineering college. Fortunately enough medicine students are active enough in fb to form a group. (but why is the official website still down?)
went to a cafe on Sunday to do some maintenance for the Samsung GT-B7722. (i had broke the software by doing some unofficial setting change). Started removin all my 'friends' i didn't know in Facebook. It is a tough task that'll take weeks.
Uploaded some photos to the album.

I was in the serving panel for lunch. I served that sweet yellowy creamy honey-y sweet.

Went looking for a cycle shop in the evening with Zigu, Shamanth and Samrat. Knew from Tripathi that the cycle shop where he bought his the previous day was called Jayanth. Proudly used Google maps to spot the place. Followed directions and reached a place where there wasn't even a cyclist. Technology failed me yet again.

Had coffee from dosha point on the way back.
Coffee is one awesome drink. Gotta lookup the biochemistry behind that.

Finished histology record late in the night just before talking with Shubham for half an hour.

Is seriously confused how to write this blog. Anyone with an idea can comment or email.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Circumflex hostel

Discovered what makes a medical student happy - catching up with their portions.
Entered the biochem lecture hall or rather lecture well for the first time to understand that there is so much to learn. Let's begin with carbohydrates.
Apart from being energy source for the whole body there are a lot of functions for the carbohydrates to do. And i was thinking about posting more about it. But, it's too much to write and that's why there are textbooks written on it. So I'll take that topic up when I'm first writing a textbook. For now just chew on the fact that dosha becomes solid only after heating which's actually cross bridging taking place in carbohydrate chains.

Tried writing about brachial plexus in the dissection hall. Putting mental 3-D figures into linear words or 2-D diagrams is a very exhausting activity which i need to be able to do more effectively for my own sake.
Decided to activate Rs 65 gprs plan in docomo. But balanc insufficient. Went recharge. Did 90's got 0. Walked with Praveen sir and Karthik sir around the hostel.
Saturday. The best day of the week. Woke up at 8. Physiology class cancelled. In the pond now. The pond is the place which i described as the rock circle 2 days ago. Mad just informed me that I'm getting readers for this blog. Pardon me for any flaws in the posts.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learnin from others

I've found other medical student blogs online, and from my expectations when i visited those blogs I've realized what i should change about the posts in this blog. I'll try to make the posts in here less personal and more medical oriented. That way I'll concentrate more on learning and also prove informative to the enthusiastic reader. Personal matters can come like announcements or will be posted to my personal diary which i won't link to because you do not have the permission to read it :-D


Sleep cycle back to normal. Reached college in time. Anatomy class about cartilage. Physiology about white blood cells, plasma. Walks back very motivated (to learn). Osteology was about radius. Wished Abhijith happy birthday. Went to dolphins. Is now covering Cunningham's manual

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exchanging regards

So, Djokovic won, and I finished biochem record in time. Madhura was watching the whole match from 1.45! Physiology was about blood.
blah blah blah. I was so busy for two days that i couldn't post anything the last two days.
Ok. On Tuesday evening we Malayalis met at the rock circle near library. Just introduction. Blah blah blah blah. Went to the reception of Asad's brother in law's marriage. Had more than enough food. Blah blah blah blah...i don't remember anything else...
Wednesday was fun. Protein chemistry tha. And connective tissue and kidney..and pricked the left ring finger to draw blood.. Was bold enough only in the 4th prick.. Went shopping. Bought hangers. Went to cafe coffee day. Very expensive coffee. So had chicken burger with Zigu. Have to come here alone for having the coffee some day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

As if presence makes a difference, as if not

And the journey back was awesome fun. The bus broke down at the hill bottom at 1 am and a new one came from Calicut at around 3. It went straight, reached Mysore at 8. Luckily there wasn't class at 8. Biochemistry class was about cystoskeleton. Physiology about neuromuscular junction and today it was tripathi's and my turn to not answer and be booked for assignments. Dissection of the back was still just skin deep. No structure had been seen. Bhavika and Bharath were discussing the origin, attachments and even nerve, blood supply of all the back muscles and i was open mouthed. But Asad said it was taught in the previous days, easing my worry but nonetheless discouraging. They had gone for the movie too on Friday afternoon. Rushed to finish the Histology record. Had a smooth end for the day. Should organize the Malayali meet tomorrow. Ah! Forgot to tell everyone. Hmmm. Slept early because of the jet lag. Woke up to Djokovic's triumph over the Spaniard in us open.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Going home

Raziq et al stood in the long queue for filling the buckets with water from the municipality. I slept peacefully and filled it later with no queue! :-D
had bread and jam which hari bought at more for breakfast with zigu, raziq, irfan, fahad and arun.
Went college in an auto. Reached there pretty early. Physiology class, about protein synthesis. Pretty old transcription, translation, etc. Anatomy - continuation of connective tissue.
Back to physiology - neuro muscular junction. 3 kids got detention. 2 went for bodyguard.
In dissection we had a final look at the axilla and turned the body around. It was rigid (and dead, yeah rigor mortis)
the evening's class was in a confusion. It was announced y'day in physiology lab that we the first batch'd have the practical we missed last week this evening. But as per the main time table it was histology and so the anatomy department had planned dissection of back for us. I was asked to confirm the confusion from HoDs. But nobody was present. So i left for home leaving the responsibility to aquib. Guess they attended dissection. Zigu's 3rd batch was having on class. So he gladly came with me to the suburban stand and left early in the thalassery Kannur bus that mom took while leaving (although it was 2 hours late today)
wished everyone happy onam, gave the histology record to fahad for completion (he was locked out of his room and waiting for his roommates in my room. Lol)
arya was going kottayam in my bus itself. It was fast. Took of from Mysore at 3. Reached gundelpet at 4 sth. Reached batheri at 6. But took till 9.30 to reach calicut.
This blog'll have to be paused till monday now, because i'm home!
Happy onam.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flying Geese

Gautham told he's having breakfast from hostel canteen while me, zigu, harinath, irfan were ignorantly having it from the shringar hotel. Hari and irfan were there first and ordered 3 vadas and chappathi respectively. Me and zigu then ordered masala dosha. And we got dosha before irfan got chappathi.
Had a banana from the shop opposite. It's rs 3 per banana.
Was sleepy throughout except for the hour when m a shekhar sir (HoD of endocrinology) gave an orientation course called 'first contact'. He started with universal ethics - do good, do no harm, have no bias, stand up for individual freedom. Then talked about how working as a group rocks and how he expects us 150 to work as one or many smaller teams to climb the hill of MBBS. The geese's V flying slides were shown. Then came the 4 personalities - phlegmatic(peaceful), choleric(angry), melancholic(sad), sanguine(happy)
and finally he talked about maintaining at least mentally a personal diary of how we spent the 24 hours in a day, for time management.
In fact, in the evening harshith and i were drawing histology record, eventhough neither of us liked to do it. (team work!)
physiology class was about kidney, and anatomy class by the pg teacher using powerpoint about connective tissue.
Reached physiology lab approx 3 minutes late, and missed the roll call :-P
drew improved neubaur's cell counting plate or something like that

after college, met suni appan to get the bus ticket. Incidentally, my kottayam super fast is the bus in which arya booked too.
Gave him 1500 of 2280 that i had to.
Went shopping an apron with zigu for his mom. Sri medical books din't have theirs. So came back to the hostel buying super glue for Gautham to repair his glasses.
There was selection of cricket team. Zigu, Gautham, fahad, aquib, etc went. I was drawing record.

Took t-shirt size of everyone for the abhivyakth t-shirt.
Slept soon, woke up late..now the sleep cycle's ok.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 step sign in

Woke up early, did some surya namaskara, meditation, etc. And slept again.
Physiology - blood continued.
Anatomy - back muscles
dissection - cleaning the axilla
biochem lab - reactions of glucose..it's easier to do experiments here, because everyone gets the test tubes they need, burner, etc
Got gross anatomy and histology record. Histology had circles and notes printed, super useful.
Went to an interenet cafe and printed the train ticket. 2 rupee per print for small number of prints. Still better than Kannur. Changed the phone numbers associated with facebook, and gmail..forgot to do it for google sms..
Went with harshith for the fashion show practice. They were deciding on the theme. Saraswathi dropped out.
Got physiology record from sri raksha. Wrote it till dinner, and after dinner.
Homesick ever after printing the ticket.

Monday, September 5, 2011

F Men

Went college normally (at 9 o'clock) because only the third batch
students had osteology class at 8. Heard that they got in only after a
few minutes of searching.
The biochem class was about cell. Physiology was about muscles - the
structure of them (finally all the myosin, actin confusions are
beginning to clear).
dissected the axilla.
Histology lab was about stratified epithelium.
Fashion show, dance audition at jk ground auditorium at
4.30..devanshu, me, aquib, hithesh, Akshay, went. And there the
seniors wanted us to somehow bring girls from our batch too. Called
whoever i knew. Arya was out, teressa was out with parents, anie was
out shopping and so called anie's roommate sri raksha (risking to be
labeled misuse of phone number) and gave the phone to the seniors.
They coerced enough people to turn up - madhura, sri raksha,
saraswathy and all turned up. Someone called bhavika, and swathy too.
Only aquib got selected from boys. Among girls, sri raksha, saraswathy
and anie were in because of their height.
Walked back the girls to their hostel.
Enrolled for chicken with the new prefects.
There was a small teachers' day celebration and meeting with the
warden. I was given the camera and it went battery dead after the
first few clicks. Managed with mobile cameras after that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Had breakfast on the way to biochem hall. Wrote down the notes for
biochem practical. Starting with mohlisch's test a whole lot of tests
involving carbohydrates. Finished lipids. An hour free in between,
like last week.
And i did the dissection for the first time! With Akshay Fadnis, on
saturday, looking for axillary artery and brachial plexus from the
lateral end of the pectoralis minor.
And it was not a complete failure, we have spotted the twisted motion
of the nerve chords.
Went out with aquib, asad, harshith and hithesh to have biriyani, from
the same biriyani palace which was closed on the other day. And glad
that we did, because by the time zigu had reached hostel the lunch was
finished and he had to go out too.
He did a 10 rupee recharge for docomo, and got 6 rupee talktime as
well as 300 sms after 1 rupee offer. It also gave 490 KB free night
(11 pm to 7 am) gprs :-P

and the hostel was getting ready for the ganesha procession. Everyone
put colours on their face, kunkum ki chotta, and ganapathi bappa head
band. And ganapathi was kept in the cart pulled by the tractor. An
auto rickshaw went in front with the speakers for the songs, and the
And we were in between, dancing to the tune. A little distance into
the road people started losing their shirts to the crowd. And one was
stuck in the electric line above. sindhu kumar had a quality t-shirt
that couldn't be torn even with the combined effort of 5 of us,
including a senior. I removed my shirt myself to save it, but
nevertheless lost a button. The procession went till the girls hostel,
and returned. And then the juniors stayed back while the seniors went
out again after dinner to float ganesha in the river.
Was so tired dancing that i slept till breakfast on sunday morning.
Continued my telephonic conversations. Sanjay gave me megha's phone
number and i discovered that she's in amritha college at bagodi,
The shibi, shyma twins are home after 2 weeks at yennepoya medical
college, Manglore. sana is there too. aswin quit medical entrance
coaching at thrissur and joined engineering at angamali with Sreerang.
And at hostel, raghavendra prasad quit MBBS totally for repeating cet
to get electronics. All the best to him.
Went shopping with zigu and harinath. Bought an earphone that stays in
my ear, and a bucket to replace the one i lost during vinayaka. Arya
was booking her bus ticket. Dunno if she got it. Other girls are
staying at hostel for onam.
Vinay bought a cycle. Cycle and bike are in fact allowed for juniors
too. Dunno about laptop.
And 3 malayali immediate seniors reached the hostel. Their classes
begin on wednesday.
Did physiotherapy for harinath's broken knee ligament under abhas
sir's advice. Finished histology observation after playing volleyball
in the evening. Sports is always fun.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Break fast like a pauper

Forgot to mention about the special dinner yesterday's!
Anyhow, to compensate, there was no breakfast today morning. That is
to say, not before 8.
So, had water before reaching biochem. The seniors had mentioned that
the college would be suspended as soon as we reach there. But it took
till noon for that to happen. And so was sleepy till dissection. Had
humerus for osteology, erythropoiesis, axilla, and finished
Asked girls to come to our hostel for lunch. And many did come.
There was musical chair after that, and fahad won it. Gave the airtel
sim to him.
The girls went back to be back in saree or whatever. Me, aquib,
harshith, hithesh, and asad went to the ice cream parlour, it was
aquib's treat.
Went to audition theatre from there. But as karthik sir had told,
there was no one there.
Back at hostel shifted the stage to the mess because of the rain.
And then girls started pouring in till there was no more chairs.
After so many speeches in kannada, there was a song in hindi which
nobody heard due to the low volume. And zigu got the medal for being
the chess champion.
Later the seniors continued their restlessness about bhavika, asking
me to ask her name :D
and after the special dinner with meetha pan, we shifted back to the
ground for dance items. sanjana of our batch danced to 'alaipayuthey'
and it was so graceful. Then seniors did some spot dancing. When it
started raining the girls as well as the juniors left. I was searching
for the bucket i had given for the guests to wash their hands for

"Using" another day

Ganesh chathurthi was yesterday. Went out to recharge various sims
back at the hostel the seniors brought our ganapathi idol. And with
the pooja it was installed in the avathar themed stage.
Ate the prasadam.
The same thing repeated in the evening. Only that the prasadam was
different. Practiced vanchi pattu in the evening. The docomo sim
wasn't activated yet. Had to do physiology record work, so slept early
(i'll change the posting schedule slightly, will post everything after
the last post whenever i get time..)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Using a day

Woke up late.
Spent time talking to people both through phone and offline. Called
vishnu, Nousha.
Put vinayak chathurthi invitation cards in envelope.
Looking for a song to sing in group, now.
Had the special lunch with that sweet, cake like piece and curd rice.
Played cricket. In actuality, fielded. The game was two players in a
team, 3 overs per team, anyone fields. -4 for losing a wicket. Took
some catches at long.
Suni appan gave me and zigu the docomo sim. Not activated yet.
Didn't have current at times. Logged into fb chat and was very happy.
Messaged anie, arya, surya, vishakha (thankfully banglore is in
slept early. Woke up at 5.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Automatically coordinated

Prasoon called in the morning to say he got allocated to pariyaram
medical college and so will be coming back at 11.30 to leave the
college..so, i gave the key to prefect manoj sir..
Breakfast was ready at hostel at 7.35 am. Had it.
Epithelium was taught, followed by cell organelles.
On the dissection table, pectoralis major was cut.
Seniors said the audition of dance, etc was at 5pm in the auditorium
on tuesday, wednesday and the second. Was glad that like me the girl's
name collector, varsha, had no names.
Aquib got dropped by asad because of his ankle sprain. So harshith
walked with me. At hostel prasoon had reached. He was packing up. I
took the memorandum of joining (to use as proof of address) and when i
was leaving i came to know that he hadn't come early or got the key
from the prefect, but that he reached here after razik. So i gave him
the remaining key. He said he'd give it to someone, or wait because
razik'd be back soon (biochem practical had nothing to do)
so, i ran back to college. Entered the biochem lab, signed, showed the
covered record, left!
At the front side of the college i met razik, he was going to the
hostel. Right behind was aquib who wanted me to take his leave letter
to secretary karthik sir.
While waiting for him to write it, i met anie, bhavika and julie -
another girl from kerala whom i hadn't seen till now. Anie was telling
her new number. I dialled it and kept it in call register memory. Then
i had to see if airtel had been activated, and put that sim only to
lose anie's number because it was not activated yet. And then when i
went to aquib he was holding our room key which prasoon had given him
while leaving.
Thus i knew razik'd be waiting outside the room. But i had to go to
the sim shop to get this activated. There they told me they wanted a
local address, which i gave.
And activation assured in 10 minutes, i went hostel. Razik had to
catch the 3.45 train to Mysore. He left bread, and musambi in the room
because he couldn't eat it from general compartment.
Me and harinath ate it.
Then the sim got activated. But the stupid thing didn't have the first
recharge. And i walked all the way to the shop once again. Made them
activate. And then when i was looking for a good sms plan i realised
that though airtel has so many plans they don't have one useful plan
for national sms.
Bsnl rocks even when roaming.
And while i was walking back zigu called me telling he got the hostel
certificate from the manager. So i found a shortcut through kr
hospital to reach the hostel.
I got the hostel certificate too after reaching the hostel.
Hope someone did attend the audition.
Then i went to take photostat of it and license to get the docomo sim.
Took it and suni appan said he'd come at night.
Zigu was reaching the final of the chess tournament then. And when he
came back, we went to get an earphone for his mobile which was
unfortunately nowhere to be found.
Back hostel our immediate seniors wanted more players to make their
team for the post dinner match. I joined, as well as samrat.
They gave me a stud, albeit a too small for me one.
But right before the match the seniors asked 2k11 to play a friendly.
Took 7 players and went to the ground. 2-3 seniors entered our team.
So most of us, including me din't have to play.
Got out of the studs to take the attendance.
Did that and had enough walking for the day that sleep was instant

Monday, August 29, 2011


Slept at 1.30 am. Woke up at 6.30.
Drew the microscope in the histology observation till leaving, and
that was the most intelligent decision of the day because the
professors did want us to do that.

Had breakfast on the way, learned clavicle too on the way. Though the
people who hadn't brought scapula had become a minority (compared to
the same with clavicle) the ma'am let us sit. Continued carbohydrates
in biochem, transport across cell membrane in physiology.
And in anatomy, we started dissection!
Removing the skin from the pectoral region inch by inch (that's how we began)
aquib told me he'd buy me biriyani instead of the 50 rupees he had to
give me as sunday's auto share and so we and harshith went to biriyani
palace. But unfortunately for me, it was closed. So we had masala
dosha from the hotel next.

Unable to wait for the address proof formality i bought an airtel sim
from the shop next to Sree medical books where only airtel sim was
being sold, and that too with just an id and colour photo required.
But the sim is still not activated :P
Slept back at hostel. In between reshma called. And then dad sent me
the secret number of a rs 100 recharge.
Had dinner and slept again. And at 10 or so i was called to complete
the kabbadi team. Our match was scheduled for tuesday, but most of us
would have to go home. And lol it was. The 2k9 batch, which included
manjunath sir, was our opposite team. Among many accidents aquib
strained his ankle, i got a slap on the face as a part of the game,
and bruised both the knees. But my highest point was that when i was
alone here i outted a senior rider by clinging to his legs. Anyhow we
Took a bath at 11.30 and slept peacefully.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Party day

So, since asad - a localite - had dropped out of the ug team attending
the cme at hotel grand maurya, i got the chance. Aquib, harshith (if
i've used arshid to refer to him before, please note the change) and
me caught an auto with a meter that stopped working at 42 rupees and
we gave 80 rupees, whereas we paid only 70 for the return trip.
The conference, the first medical conference for me, was exciting.
It began with management of skin infections...including cellulitis
(the thing i had in my leg due to that insect bite)
then about infertility, how timing of intercourse is one simple step
(how luteal phase is always 14 days and how 26th day is the day of
ovulation if the menstrual cycle is 40 days long)
and then the 4th man in india to have a degree in spinal surgery
talked about the wonderfully quick back pain relieving spinal
surgeries he had done at apollo hospital, including the story of the
man who was so comfortable after the surgery that he refused to come
back for follow ups
then the endoscopic expert talked about endoscopy in emergencies, and
showed videos of removing the 5 tooth brushes that he removed from a
13 year old and pulling out the ascaris that was going inside the bile
duct of an emergency patient by its tail leaving everyone but the
ascaris smiling
then there was class about hepatocellular carcinoma, chronic
obstructive pulmonary disorder (which's not asthma and has got
remedies), etc.
The lunch, in between was simple rice. But there was ice cream and
rasagula (the delegates had to pay 300 rupees..it was free for us
then mmc&ri's psychiatry hod talked about psychosomatic disorders (the
talk we'd been waiting for)..unfortunately all the jokes were told in
kannada..i understood swalpa swalpa only..but still the talk didn't
include case studies, it was all about quotes that said how body and
mind are related, and so was rather disappointing.
How ct scan works, the question i had last week or so, was answered
right next. 360 degree x-ray illumination
last talk was about rabies vaccine. A very interesting one from the
doctor at mandya institute of medical science.
Before lunch there was an inauguration, which included our dean.
Everyone in the stage was given Mysore special blanket, elephant
statue, and one big necklace (have to find out its name)
at hostel, razik had come back. Luckily i had given one key to zigu.

back home people who've gone pc thomas have reached back for onam
holidays. Nousha said she'll be till 11th. Varsha said she was loving
the place but not feeling like learning. Reshma, the first to message,
stopped at the "loving the place" part. No, she said she's loving
learning too.

Had the meeting tea in the night too.
karthik sir said that the application for hostel certificate (address
proof) will have to be given to the manager who'd come on monday
afternoon, and so the letter that we gave to shiv shankar sir y'day
would be useless

and then there was the football match. After the pg sirs (including
anatomy professor) played some senior team, we played another senior
team and lost 2-3.
Had a late night chat with manjunath sir at the injured sindhukumar's
room along with aquib. He said us to be silent (not smart), to expect
zero opportunities in non-academic matters, and that
Mysoremedicalcollege.com is run by the student community itself.
Sleeplessly posted this at 1:30

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Running behind

Today also we were having class from 8. But i had the attendance duty
too. So, ran to college. Had breakfast at hotel shringar on the way.
Carbohydrates began working in my stomach and on the black board

the next hour was free! The first free hour. And i used it to get
bhavika's bio data. Thankfully she din't give any phone number.
Then, in the anatomy hall there was biochem lecture of lipids.
And right after that the powerpoint aided class about breast. I was
sleepy, but the projector screen woke me up ;-)
monday we'll begin dissection. And the minimum requirements will
include apron, scalpel, blunt and sharp versions of that two legged
instrument used to pick up things whose name i forget right now, and
finally the concerned bones. Ah! I won't have the bone set soon. Aquib
promised in the night to sell me one of his bone sets when he gets his
second set from banglore on tuesday.
And then there was a welcome surprise. Every saturday we'd have only
half day class, and second saturdays are holidays. So happy i was.
Arya wanted to buy a mobile handset. We went to our nokia dealer. Got
an X1-05 something 1900 rupee set.
Razik and prasoon went home. After lunch i closed the room, kept the
keys in zigu's room where he was playing chess and went to wash and
bath. On returning wearing just the towel i saw zigu's room locked too
(and my keys inside, when seen through the doors) and him nowhere to
be found. Discovered how difficult it was to obtain his phone number
without my mobile. Finally samrat, his roommate, came and opened the
door for a second to allow me to get the keys. Got them, finished the
bath, kept the clothes for drying and then started covering all the
observations and the biochem record i had, listening to kannada music
on the phone radio. Zigu had gone to play chess, and he went to play
Slept a little after finishing covering. Then aquib woke me up. No he
din't wake me, zigu did.
After dinner saw the football match between senior batches in the cold
wind for a while. Ours is tomorrow night.
Checked the attendance and tallied people who've left.
Slept alone.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Y'day biochem class was at 8! Got up at 7, dressed up and left :-D
had breakfast from hotel gayathri (the one we had lunch on the day of admission)
biochem was introductory too..2mro's carbohydrate
physiology was about blood, but the sir talked about everything
anatomy was a seminar on pectoral region, made the mistake of taking
down notes as understood later in dissection hall. It's all in
textbooks, we just have to draw
had ragi ball with lunch..it had to be eaten with sambar, but sambar
was ghatham..
Learned that i should wear apron from outside the dissection hall..
Bought histology text too from kr circle. Then scale, rubber and pouch.
At hostel there was a volley match being played. It was compulsory to
watch only for those who cared. Seniors asked me to learn to write
karnataka in kannada and to get the bio data of the most beautiful
girl in our batch by today.
Had to play one volley match too. Got a bruised knee and torn pant,
and lost. Since there was microphones etc installed for celebration
there was no current and so no water to wash..
Later warden came and asked us about everything. Aquib was made the
class representative and he chose arshid and me as his assistants..
Everyone got a tea!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being in the mood

Y'day was a day of excitement. Reached college early and sat at
comfortable positions. Histology sir described epithelium till 10.15..
Everyone was late for nerve fibres in physiology. The professor talked
about different types of nerve fibre, their classification, etc.
Classification was totally new. But nerves slowly brought me back to
my thoughts..if learning can be done through experience, would it take
only an experience to control voluntarily our involuntary organs? May
be the connections are different.

At dissection hall it was the same routine. Sit, read, stand, feel
giddy.. Luckily i was ok just by sitting down today..then the teachers
called me and asked to sit close to the cadaver. I asked them who
cunningham was and had to find on myself about daniel john
cunningham..and everyone had to have the bone of the
day..unfortunately today every batch had osteology together. So the
hope that 3 people from 3 batches can get it paying 1000 each will
have to wait for next week..now the question is "how to ask seniors"

and den a lady came for help. I gave 20 rupees. Many gave 100. And a
man from CBR surgicals talked about his shop, gave us the card and
free mask..
And seniors came to invite us to the inter college fest happening
later next month. They needed people to form rock band. Nobody! To
sing, dance. Nobody! To collect names of these participants. I stood
up :-D
since they took quarter an hour we had to run back to hostel for
lunch. And jithesh fell from bike in front of hostel in the hurry.
Seniors took him to hospital. Stitch in the chin antibiotics

called dad, and nivi in the way. She was planning a get together
during onam. Dad and mom was planning to come here on saturday,
At osteology we learned or rather heard things about clavicle..conoid
tubercle, cleidocranialdysostosis, sternocleidomastoid..and too many
other terms to retain.

Back hostel early because almost all shopping has been done. Opened
bag only to see my precious pencils, rubber, sharpener and scale to be
missing :-(
so, postponed drawing
went around in rooms asking for people to participate in song, dance..
Hardly any luck
tried reading ganong and fell asleep ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sleeping well

Y'day i woke up late, because razik woke up late too :-D he had the
alarm on, but he stopped it and slept.

Started reading cunningham's manual. I was assigned attendance duty
for today. So kept the attendance book open at the breakfast table.
There was only dosha for breakfast after the long queue, and that too
just two.
Walked very quickly to the college.
Had a class about epithelium, and then about protein chemistry's importance.

Then went to the dissection hall. After reading cunningham's we stood
up around the teacher and a few minutes later i was feeling dizzy (not
because of the presence of the cadaver, but because of the absence of
anything in the stomach)
so i slept in the theory hall.

And i couldn't walk back as fast for lunch. But didn't wait for
chappathi in the queue, so earned some time..

Went to physiology lab in the evening. Learned about microscope again.
Oil immersion lens seems interesting.

After the class me and zigu continued shopping after talking to arya
about jain aprons and women's hostel. Their's is a less scary story.
We went sri medical books and there weren't the books that we needed
or the apron.
So we got the dissection kit, pen torch, etc from the surgical store opposite.
And then we went in search of jain aprons. We had correctly reached D.
Devraja Urs road..but didn't go the right direction. And we were tired
that we decided to go back to hostel. After reaching hostel we learned
that it was indeed at the other end of dd urs road..so we slipped to
chappals and went again for it. Reached there easily this time. Was
charged just 250.
By then suni appan found us. He accompanied us to the second hand
bookstall opposite city bus stand and there i got ganong, and
cunningham's part 2, 3 for just 720
went to writing needs and got the notebooks, etc.
Now i have most things i need, except bone set. I had asked about it
before leaving college to the attenders and they said it cost 3000.
Dad said it's important but he never used to take it to college, so
all his roommates could buy one together.
And so i didn't buy it so quickly. I gotta ask the professors what to do.
Reached hostel and the shopping bag was saved from being searched by
the seniors because harinath was already caught.
Hadn't gone for volley today.
Had a bath, kept the attendance book, had dinner and slept very early
because i had a slight headache. Slept immensely peacefully.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cleaning up the mud

This post must've been a part of the previous one (but since i'm
posting through email, can't edit posts)

so i took a bath and washed my clothes y'day evening. Kept the clothes
for drying on the rope i tied in the hostel room itself. Later a
senior who came to my room told me to tie it outside, and that was
Lesson learned: seniors know what's good

Mud Rolling

And today was fun too. Woke up early because razik was celebrating
ramzan & had to pray
and after his prayer, we slept again :-D

then i postponed the bath to evening.
Had biriyani, went straight college with the apron and notebook in the
plastic bag i got y'day with bed sheet

physiology class was about cell membranes. (sphingolipids!)
& in anatomy we went to dissection hall. And got the chance to put on
the apron. Saw some bones in osteology. Sat with the cadaver for 2

Walked back to hostel for lunch. Ran back to college after it, because
there was a slight drizzle & because it was nearing 2.

Biochem practical was over quickly. So i went shopping for goods.
Dinesh Puri textbook was available at the book exhibition in the
college itself. Didn't get ganong there.
Bought a bag from royal bags in devraja urs road.
Went lookin for sri books with zigu. Cudn't find it :-D
(got the map from razik later)
then we reached jlb road through dd urs road. He looked for an
earphone to his mobile

reached hostel and seniors were playing volley ball, they asked for
us. I went, and had to return of poor form :-P

& today the seniors started becoming stricter. But manjunath sir
guaranteed that if we show respect there'll be no ragging, surely.

And they asked us to form sports teams, after dinner.
I got the alternating job of takin attendance with aquib & another guy

slept with mosquitoes

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rolling in

On 22nd august 2011 this batch (i'll insert the batch number later)
began its marathon (as our histology professor says [i'll insert his
name later] update: professor chandrashekhar )

the first class was just an introductory one by the biochemistry prof
in the anatomy hall.. We were all asked our ambitions, reasons to
choose medicine, etc.. 'Neurologist' was what 1/4th at least wanted to
be..so i said 'research in brain and cognitive science'..
Then she talked about how 75% attendance is compulsory and about the internals..
We got a list of recommended books.. Now i needa find a second hand
book shop to get those..

Then we went to physiology dept & listened to almost the same things
again, only that this time we were jam packed
(going by the way professors are stressing the attendance issue, i
guess there'll be more room in later days)

can't forget the roll call..i got roll number 8..but zigu is some 150
(not exactly r8 now, but he'll be 150 when everyone joins) and it
takes some 10 minutes to reach him

then at the anatomy dept..no we didn't get to the cadavers today..only
a skeleton welcomed us..
And actual class started with histology there. Professor was damn
joyful (till i drew the microscope lacklusterly later :-D)

so we got additions to our required materials - H & E pencils, knee
hammer, pen torch and the striking ones stethoscope and apron!

I bought the apron from d society payin 300 (size 32 ;-))..but nobody
else is wearing one as of now. So i kept it folded

had lunch from a hotel outside bcoz the canteen within the college was
closed, and i din't know hostel was walkable distance away.

Then we were divided into 3 batches acc to roll number.. I thought
arya'd be in my batch and have the time table because her name starts
with 'a'
but unfortunately she got some 130+ roll number..
And then i went in search of the histology lab..me and anie went to
anatomy hall and there were students too..but they were final years
finally we found the lab in the first floor, above biochemistry hall..
Her roll number ws 11, but the number was written next to 8! There's
another Akshay on my right in the lab..actually there's another one
too, dunno where he is..
Anyhow cross talking was not allowed..
So we observed air bubble, hair, dust and cotton fibres under the
microscope. 'Focus in low power' is the main point to note..i still
dunno how to close one eye..that's a handicap :-P
so, we'll have observation notes here too.
At least there are only 3 subjects..

After all the drawing process we were allowed out to attend the
fresher's day program at the jubilee hall (the large auditorium) ..
There was food.. There were speeches.. And there was an anti-drug oath

went town in the night, bought bed (4 inch coir + foam type which'll
last 5 years at around 3k cost)

had the first dinner at the hostel and it rocked (literally..the tv
volume was rocking the glass panes)

in the end there was a meeting. Warden sir came.. Everyone introduced
themselves.. And the prefects (seniors supervising us) told us what
was expected of us..

And then when everyone went their rooms they came checking on us..
My 105 room didn't have a cot for me. So i got one from the next room
(zigu's 104)

and i learned that seniors must be called 'sir' from rudra ansh (can't
link to his blog from mobile..search karo)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

History of the blog

Me created this blog from my mobile phone while i was obtaining admission to mbbs