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Onaghosham 2015

I reached Mysore at 8 in the morning from Mozilla Kerala community meet-up and Zigu and Harinath had just dressed up to leave for the badminton court where 2k13 were organizing the Onam this year.

I had a quick shower, changed immediately to the mundu I got as Onakkodi this year and the kurta that was dad's; and left for the badminton court walking (my bicycle was being serviced).

As soon as I reached I had sweet appam and chicken curry and then started working on cutting the orange jamanthis with Sanjana and Harinath. Zigu was drawing the pookkalam. We had our usual spot right next to the entrance to the badminton court. It was 2k14 batch right next to us, 2k12 then, 2k15 and Interns+PGs and 2k13 at the other end.

While everyone was still laying the kalam, Aparna, Fahad, Gautam, and me represented our batch in the General quiz which was happening in the yard outside. Most of the questions were about Kollam (where the quiz master appears to be from) and we were leading till the la…