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Monday, October 5, 2015

Onaghosham 2015

I reached Mysore at 8 in the morning from Mozilla Kerala community meet-up and Zigu and Harinath had just dressed up to leave for the badminton court where 2k13 were organizing the Onam this year.

I had a quick shower, changed immediately to the mundu I got as Onakkodi this year and the kurta that was dad's; and left for the badminton court walking (my bicycle was being serviced).

As soon as I reached I had sweet appam and chicken curry and then started working on cutting the orange jamanthis with Sanjana and Harinath. Zigu was drawing the pookkalam. We had our usual spot right next to the entrance to the badminton court. It was 2k14 batch right next to us, 2k12 then, 2k15 and Interns+PGs and 2k13 at the other end.

While everyone was still laying the kalam, Aparna, Fahad, Gautam, and me represented our batch in the General quiz which was happening in the yard outside. Most of the questions were about Kollam (where the quiz master appears to be from) and we were leading till the last round. The last round was about kusruthi chodyangal (riddles) and we couldn't figure out which dance form was associated with vehicles. So we ended up third.

Back at the pookkalam we were almost done and I now was stripping vadarmalli petals for the extra finish. At 11.15 I went around to see how others were doing. 2k14 were just like ours. 2k12 hadn't put 50% of their kalam. 2k15 had put all kinds of vegetables in. Interns were just re-doing what they did 3 years back when they won. And 2k13 just put some flowers in between a lawn of grass. After ensuring success I returned to our kalam to take selfies with everyone.

After photographs vadam vali  started. I was trying to sit down with Terese when Gautam called me to be part of the team. Fortunately we had to pull just interns before reaching final. But Gautam got injured in the last pull and couldn't particpate in the final. Naturally, we lost in the final to 2k12. They eat too much chicken. Even the girls. They won too.

It was balloon bursting after that. And Arun almost won this time too. But only Fahad and Fayaz remained when Arun got out and it was Fahad who won.

Then we had lunch. I, as usual, wasn't interested in food.

Post lunch there were many more games. Musambi in the bucket - where you put your head inside a bucket filled with water and bite a musambi out, Uriyadi, musambi eating, etc.

In between the 2k15 juniors introduced themselves. Nice lot. Also, this year, for a change, PV had come for Onam. Took a selfie with her too.

For tea there was, excellent according to others, dosa straight from the pan.

Everyone came and the formal function was very nice. CFTRI administrator was the chief guest. Dr Shekar, Dr Dakshayani, et al with their Malayali love. Karun was Maveli.

After the regular Thiruvathira there was three more group dances - an oppana, a thematic dance; and then a very nice cinematic dance.

And a couple of songs. Dr Dikshitha made me melt.

2k10 got mementos for leaving us. And we took so many photos. And everyone took one photo. And then we left.

Number of people who broke their legs: 2 (Dr Ashitha whom Fayaz threw a stump on, and Josna who sprained her ankle falling from stage and ending up in our own Ortho OPD today morning)