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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Graduation day, socials, ethnic day

While skin posting reached its relieving end, without me taking out even the magnifying glass in that cubicle with 50 people packed inside, three events occurred on subsequent days.

Graduation day:
2k7 batch went out with summer dreams 2013. Dr Antony, Dr Abhas, doctors everywhere. They made a beautiful video about their life in MMC and danced to their contentment while we had good food and slumbered.

I'm yet to talk with the juniors about what happened there. But in the hostel there was definitely innovative hazing methods.

Ethnic day:
Now this was fun. Thanks to more than a week of bugging hard work by class representatives and others Sammilan, though it was never called so, went so well at hotel ruchi. I was the DJ playing the right songs at the right times except when I muted the sound for 15 seconds just when the sexy lady part of Gangnam style was coming up.

Everything went so well - titles, games, food, ramp walk. Fadnis and Deepthi became the ethnic couple.

And the dance hall was simply superb with the closed room heating things up. People sweating and dancing and enjoying the night in ways that never were.

BTW, the MMC&RI confessions page has started on Facebook.
And it's OBG posting for me from today.

Weird Dream

I am in Mysore Junction Railway station at 8 AM, trying to cross the track to the first platform. But there's a local train which is blocking my way, so I decide to get inside and get outside at the other side. But as soon as I get inside, the doors close and I'm trapped, along with two girls and an old man who also wanted to go out. They're waiting for the next stop to get down, while I get to know that the train goes to Kuthuparambu (which is very close to my home, comes after Mattanur, the place I got to get down for my house) and reaches there at 10:30. Since it was Saturday, I thought I'd go home and come back on Monday, and fall asleep. When I woke up, I see that the train is already at Mattanur, and instead of going towards Kuthuparambu, it turns towards my place. I'm extremely happy and want to let everyone know...

And then I wake up, prone, on the examination table in the hall. Aquib's pointing towards loose stools on the bed and laughing at me, while removing his gloves. And then the professor starts taking class, about rectal examination. And that's when I realize what's happened. I call Sneha and ask her whether they did a rectal examination on me while I was sleeping. She said "Yes". And bam I slapped her. I was so angry that when Hema ma'am came and said they thought I'd not mind, I just didn't listen, but went to the professor who was teaching and said him "They did rectal examination without my permission while I was sleeping. That's absolutely against medical ethics. And there's even pain in my rectum now". And the next thing I see is a PG coming inside with sheets of paper and taking statements from Raziq and all others about what happened. And that's when I feel sad about it and later I go ask Sneha and Swathi why they didn't ask my permission. They say they didn't ask Nandu permission in the previous class, and then I remember I had missed the previous class. And I was feeling so sorry for everything...

And then I actually wake up, prone, on my bed in Room #28.

Dream within a dream. Double Dream. False Awakening. Not Inception.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

IFMSA - Introduction To It

The academic society is brisk with activities. It is IFMSA's chance to talk in pathology hall today.

A worldwide organization with its hierarchy. Medical counterpart of IEEE.

Says US is the place for standard research. That IFMSA gives exchange student opportunity to foreign nations.
That WHO gives internship opportunities.

Registration is like 1000 rupee per year. Gives a card that is valid in cafe coffee day.

Mission statement is to offer future physicians exposure to global situation.

To facilitate medical research, exchange, etc.