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Tough times won't last, but tough people do

Today, the first Dr S N Arun Kumar Memorial Award for the topper in physiology was awarded to Ms Shivapriya of 2k10.-Speaking of topping, the past few days have been extremely productive for me in terms of how much I learned.Rain makes people nostalgic, makes them sit down and gives them quality time to read and reflect.That is how I discovered that continuing with Harper alone wouldn't do me any good in first MBBS biochem paper. And so, I've added Zigu's unused vasudeva textbook to my arsenal. So far, it has proved only good. I discovered how phenylalanine becomes my favorite dopamine, in the very first session with the book.Says will power, uses blood glucose. Maybe that's why I feel hungry after minutes with textbook. Lemme try studying with a cup of sugary juice around and see if it's gonna help

Business, as usual

The 1961 year research grant - ₹10,000 for the best 10 project write-ups, application for it has been invited, last day April 30
Dermatology quiz.
The last two months in first year, are going past, silently