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Madhyaraatriya Tiganegalu

<p>The mini vacation mode that lies between theory and practical examination!</p>
<p>The hostel is getting a complete makeover. New gate, cleaner floors. The invitation cards all printed and being sent. Dunno whether anyone has agreed to participate in cultural programs section. And still no water :P</p>
<p>By the way, here's the <a href="">facebook event</a>. Do join.</p>
<p>Went for Jodi breakers (@sterling) a very stupid movie featuring madhavan with bipasha! And in the evening saw a drama whose title I've made the heading of this post, at kalamandir. It was a comedy drama, about a man being disturbed from sleep by people who knock at his door. And swathi's elder sister was acting too. </p>
<p>Sterling theatre is very good in that there will never be rush, maybe because the sound system stops working at critical dialogues, due to what appears like power fai…

Second internal - Anatomy

Always a relief

When it's a war, the bruises do not count

Part 1Medical school is so eventful that documenting everything that happens is amazingly tough. (Just see the size of Gray's Anatomy, that is how much it'd be if everything was put in words)
Yet, the sheer fun in letting others know about the awesome, sometimes depressive to the point people "seriously quit", poly-tonic, and busy life inside a hospital, is now making me hope that I'll full these pages with words faster than I can type.-Part 2Do not believe part 1. Not even in your dreams. When there is an exam going on, I get all sorts of crazy ideas, blog posts, thousand important interesting things to do, none of which can wait till the end of the week (because after the week, when exam is done with, I wouldn't even remember what those were).So, I've started a Physiology blog too :-P
That is, assuming I've already told you about the Anatomy blog and the Biochemistry blog :-P :-P And do you seriously think I'll post on all four of these? Well, …

Second internal - Physiology

Always makes you feel better

Being Myself

Hostel life brings you an opportunity to be yourself. What that means for me right now is that I'm going back to my old ways of bathing once in four days, which my loving mom had a very hard time trying to change.
In fact by the time I left my house she had succeeded in it. But, as I mentioned, Mysore Medical College undergraduate hostel for men, is now letting me improve upon the days-without-bath count by suffering from acute hypohydro-ism (water scarcity). I know this counts as whining. But just in case the health minister notices this before coming to inaugurate the Swami Vivekananda statue, and the solar lights (as a party of the golden jubilee celebration) on Saturday, may be he can know how I've hidden all my dirty clothes in my big suit case for welcoming him into my pseudo-clean room.Speaking of the solar lights, there are too many of them, everywhere, that now you gotta keep an eye out unless you wanna dash into the tall metal pole with the photovoltaic cells mounte…

second internal - biochemistry

Better luck next time :-P

Android and non-Droids

Time's been flying!
I survived a conjunctivitis attack.
Was given a very nice surprise by my friends on my b'day at the shore of kukrahalli.
I'm in love, with my new phone - HTC explorer, Android 2.3
And the second internal starts from twenty first of February.Well, that's in short.
Now, we no longer wait to hear "leave the hall" in dissection hall; when it's time, start moving the chairs and we're off.
And there's news that next year there's gonna be two hundred or two fifty students in first year. Dunno where they're gonna stay.Plus, the meditation session going on every day after class, as an experiment by the physiology department is going strong. I was the only guy who attended it today :-P.