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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holidays and working days

General election is definitely making a wave. I did my first vote on April 10 standing in queue for just over an hour in Maruthayi LP school. I resisted the urge to rub the indelible ink right after the officer put it on my index finger. I wanted the mark to stay, at least till the first day after holidays.

The polling day was April 17 in Karnataka. The finger was thumb.

On Vishu I went to Nagarahole National Park with my family for the third time. It was also the third time we returned without being able to go for the wild safari. This time it was none of our mistakes, it was the summer rain the evening before.

r/getDisciplined is my new hope to get better at academics.

On the way back to college I had two great ideas - upgrade Ubuntu to trusty tahr, and advertise a one on one, home workshop for website creation/Linux basics/Python for students. The former was done. Latter needs a website.

Classes are going as slow as it ever have been after 6th term began. I could have failed a subject in second year, there is enough free time to learn a subject. Or to watch House of Cards.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MAA grant

The medical education unit room in the first floor of Platinum Jubilee Hall is a neat place.

There is a projector with a flexible base that stays where you put it.
There are excellent rotating chairs and static cushioned chairs with nice tables that go along.

And last Thursday the room hosted the MAA grant interview of candidates.

There were 17 projects which sought the 10x10000 and 2x5000 grants by 1961 batch and 1984 batch respectively.

Dr Manjunath had already informed everyone how their presentations should be outlined.
Dr Shekar, Dr Balu, and a few elders from 1961 batch was present to discuss the presentations.

It went in alphabetical order except for a few changes.

I was second to present my "Study on the Respiratory Effects in Road Construction Workers".
Somehow the title had to include the word "prevalence". Also, unlike what Dr Sumanth, my guide, and me thought, there is some problem with smokers and non-smokers being included in the study.

The inclusion criteria should not be one year. It should be more considering how chronic bronchitis is defined to be two years.

And peak flow meter can measure only obstructive diseases.

Totally, I was apparently "just coming and doing research" which is "not the way research should be done".

To be frank, I felt like I am going to be better off not wanting to do any research. After all, I'm not going to be patient enough to do data collection. I should rather switch to statistical analysis (my opinion). That's where all the fun is. And that won't have to go through all these trouble of convincing people about ethicality and practicality of stuff.

Others presented projects about tobacco, birth asphyxia, and stuff.

From today, I'm a research analyst :p