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OBG practical and Internship Dreams

Woohoo. Finally.

I already wrote about the first three practical exams.

OBG was a breeze. Went early to the special (examination) ward. Had a 24 year old lady with a previous Caesarean section as my Obstetrics case. And a 65 year old with procidentia uterus as the gynaecology case.

I told the examiners that the reason for previous Caesarean was respiratory distress (instead of telling fetal distress) and I had to tell everything about fetal distress, all the things that are monitored, and what management to go with, and in VBAC-TOL how to manage first, second, and third stage; whether to cut-short second stage or not. It was more like they were testing if I could go work in the labour room tomorrow.

Same thing followed in Gynaecology. My patient had decubitus ulcer and I had to explain how to manage it (and how to manage the "corresponding" ulcer in surgery (which happens to be venous ulcer)).

Viva had 4 stations.

Station 1: Ultrasound and x-rays. Luckily I got X-ray because…

Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery practicals.

Oh, the last three days! If I had a moment for myself, I would have posted this one a bit earlier.

I am usually not very tensed before any exam. But being the last set of exams, and losing 6 months if I don't get through gave me some horrible horrible dreams on the night of 18th-19th. Being the first batch to go into Medicine practical, with MCI inspection as an added thing to worry about didn't help at all.

Thanks to some very helpful friends I had everything ready - CNS kit, watch, thermometer, what not. I even bought an aneroid sphygmomanometer hoping that I will permanently need it in two months when I become an intern.

I even called dad and he helped calm some nerves, but there were simply too many of them left jumping at the slightest thoughts.

Temporal sensation was lost to dreams mixed in reality - the first time I woke up (at 2) everything was normal, the next time I woke up (just before 5 when my alarm was supposed to wake me up) I had a morbid dream (which I happily…

Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Paediatrics Theory question papers

The trend of poor specificity in answers continued.

Overall, there's very good chances that I won't make it in one theory paper at least. Can't figure out which one.