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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Way Forward

On 30th of June, SVYM organized a one day session on careers after MBBS at Vivekananda Memorial Hospital.

Interns and/or final year students from Mysore Medical College, Bangalore Medical College, Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, JSS Medical College Mysore were among the ones who were in the audience.

After the SVYM video, it began with introductory remarks by Dr Chaithanya Prasad, the director of VMH.

Then Dr MA Balasubramanya talked about administrative careers after MBBS. The gist of it was that as doctors, we are already administrating. There is no running away from it. We should embrace that reality and go forward with it.

Dr Kumaran K took the audience through the story of his life in research and thereby had them thinking about how to pursue a career in research.

Dr Ravindranath motivated the audience to take up surgery as a career and showed various alternatives to the MS degree to become a surgeon - majorly about options in various other countries.

Dr RK Nair talked about his passion for emergency medicine and how to go about it as an Indian.

Good lunch in between, and then a snippet on Fellowship in HIV medicine.

Dr Dushyanth P who is the technical lead of SVYM's palliative care talked about careers in public health and palliative care.

Dr Seetharam MR and Dr Kumar GS and the audience brainstormed on the direction where healthcare is headed or should be headed.

Later the participants were taken on a walk around the SVYM Saragur campus and the interactions continued over various tourist spots in and around.


The presentations [Powerpoint, Google Drive]
Recording of Dr Kumaran's talk [Soundcloud, audio]