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Today evening viswa found a kitten outside in the drain. He brought it to hostel and I thought I'd adopt it.

Later Hari went for a tea at lemon tea and found two of its siblings also. We went back to fetch them, but the auto drivers there had thrown them inside the hostel walls itself to protect from dogs.
So we found them in the backyard and put it with the first one.

Three kittens are sleeping in that peacefully now.

Defending Net Neutrality

I truly believe that the Internet and the Open Web has played and will continue to play a massive role in my learning. That's why I had started MMC MedFox Club - to spread the Internet love to more medical students.

Today that Internet is about to be saved from being damaged by TRAI and Telecom companies. And the following letter to Mysore MP Pratap Simha is one of my contributions to the effort.

Sub: Please come out in support of the Open Web and #NetNeutrality

I'm a final year MBBS student of Mysore Medical College.

As a student, the Internet has vastly improved my life - learning from books not even available in India, talking to alumni who are mentoring me from abroad, communicating with professors, friends, taking open courses from foreign universities, watching disease symptoms, operations, examination, etc on YouTube, etc.

Recently TRAI has announced a consultation paper on regulating Over The Top services which will include YouTube, Gmail, and other such services which…

Cochlear Herniation of Brain

Today is a holiday. Tomorrow Kreida'15 starts. The batch organizing it seems to be enthusiastic enough to write 2k12 on every T-shirt, even that of people from other batches.
Sobotta atlas of anatomy is a brilliant textbook for anatomy. I had discovered it under the caption of an image in Gray's anatomy. Used that to learn about the position of cochlea, semi circular canals, etc. 
Later read about radical behaviourism (Skinner's works).
Sleep kept crawling in, as usual.
Finished a few more pages of Nireeswaran.
And read Bailey and Love for the first time. Hernia is explained beautifully in that. 
Pirate Praveen and I were discussing Telegram vs TextSecure. As usual, I lost. Will probably be running a textsecure server on our own.
Kreida chess is full on. Watching Zigu play.