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Standing up to be Happy

Woke up to a dream today, like the last few days. Ran to surgery ward where we discussed deep vein thrombosis - Virchow's triad and more. Try this question:
A very young girl (13 or 15 year old), comes to emergency room with acute abdomenal pain in the right iliac fossa. What do you do/ask/investigate? After rounds, where we saw dramatic improvement in a thromboangiitis obliterans case after lumbar sympathetectomy - his left leg which was colder than the normal right limb has suddenly became warmer, Anie, who just landed in India last day, gave us chocolates and the best cake on Earth which her mother made.

Later had fruit salad with ice cream with Trees (who's leaving for home today), Sweety, and Maggie, followed by butter fruit juice and heard about the amazing fight over closed toilet doors in LH. Speaking of going home, Hari is also going home after having handed over Terrorist to a mess worker two days back.

My order for rechargable batteries and there charger was deliver…

Turns out there's a reason why people love Surgery

Reading someone else's blog is a great motivator to write one's own blog. I just went through some of the very first posts in Lamya's blog. And the idea of documenting one's day/week in excruciating details still fills me with enthusiasm.

The reader deserves to know. They can't be left hanging off the cliff. Every story needs to be completed, or continued. If you do not plan on finishing a story, do not begin writing one (at least, do not invite readers).

Surgery is what I wasn't sure of. And it is the only thing I am sure of, now. More than my love of learning, it is Balu sir's love for teaching that keeps me hooked. Nothing is complicated. Surgery is like plumbing. Conceptually very simple, but when you get down on your knees and reach out to the corner to fix a leak on the pipe, it is a tug-war between your perseverance and the graveness of the leak. If you become lazy and do a quick hack, you'll pay for it in terms of complications soon.

Sometimes i…