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Brain in the Bag

Friday was an awesome day at the dissection lab. Where we turned carpenters. Saw, axo, knife, chisel, and what not. Breaking open the skull, we took out the brain. The soft, really palpable tissue, in our hands, finally proving that brain, does, exist.

I came home for Christmas.

Hernia Ne Bana Di Life

This post dedicated to Shubham, who is right here messaging some of the new friends he got, thanks to the inguinal hernia he had and which was operated y'day morning by Dr S K Balakrishna.A surgery! What a way to start medical life!Students' special ward, is the place. 11, 12.And the fantastic thing about it is that he's now able to walk for short distances by this time I'm posting this.Bactoclav (amoxycillin and potassium clavulanate injection) is the life saving antibiotic. And thanks to interns and pgs, we've stocked enough of those.Food, is not a problem for him (he's got the tube delivery direct to blood)
but it is, for us. So lemme go and have dinner.

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr M S Vishveshwara

From deep x-ray to imrtfrom current to current (state of art treatment)
change is the only constant thing in lifeso, we should learn new things, change.3 idiots dialogue. To diagnose we use kilo volts, but to treat it takes mega volts. And radiation is no longer delivered using radio active substances, but x-raymedical linear accelerator
rotates around patient to deliver from multiple anglesearlier the dose could be only given through a square or rectangle that could also include the normal tissue.
Then, it became possible to give custom shapes.Then, intensity modulated radiation therapy. Dose required, is dose delivered.
Computer controlled multileaf collimatercancers- head, neck, breast, prostrate, etc are all treated.The media should be handled carefully
knowledge is powerand the video that explains the 360 degree treatment, except that it didn't explain how it comes from below the person - through the bed?

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr Radhesh

MR guided HIFUhigh intensity focused ultrasound.
Necrosis of fibroids without surgeryleiomyoma - uterine fibroid is non malignant but very incapacitating.
Ok. So there is mri, ultra sound directed on the prone patient inside the machine. Painless, non-invasive, targeted, non-anesthetic, ends in 3 hours. The hifu heats the tumor to 60 degrees, it undergoes necrosis and get absorbed gradually. Reduced symptoms in 1 month.So after voxel by voxel sonication, there's 80%+ non perfused volume.Scars don't have blood, so it could burn. But there are scar patch beamsbetter quality of life!

MAA Utsav 2011 Dr Mahesh B H

The last post was made a bit too quick. This year on, the orators are being given a silver medallion for the first time. And citation as normal.Surgical approach to complex spinal deformitythis doctor was all India rank 1 in pg entrance!MS ortho from aiims!Non academic first 2 minutes. Experience at college. Late comer for 9 o'clock ward, copies during internal.Scoliosis. Even Hrithwik roshan had it.Stop the growth at convex side, allow concave to grow.Skeletal maturity, if you wait for it after the first presentation, it's gross negligence.Shows several cases. Operation is pure mechanics. Put steel, screws all over, straighten the spine.And cervical pedical screws introduced even before the west has started using it!So, again and again. All spinal deformities are best addressed as early as possible.Catch them young.

MAA Utsav 2011 Dr Nagarathna

The first speech, about yoga and its effect. I missed the first part because i went for free breakfast :-D
in between, bad news for Divya Deepa trust. The plan for a stall in this meet didn't succeed because we hadn't asked for permission in time.Ok. Back to yoga.
Says, yoga is better than normal exercise routine in increasing HDL.Yoga for cancer!
Only pilot studies as of now. Hospital stay, anxiety, depression reduces during therapy.
cortisol level increased.Aging.
They say yoga doing people can sleep better than normal exercisersback pain
all the same story.
Yoga group better than normal exercise group.I wish i could actually see how the experiments were done, what exercise did the non-yoga group do?Says, techniques from sages have enormous healing potential that requires very little chemical interference.

MAA Utsav 2011 - Dr B S Ajaykumar

Here's the summary of the first speech i listened to in MAA Utsav.Dr AjayKumar is an oncologist and founder of hcg cancer treatmentthe statistics, he says, say that there are only 1 million new cancer cases in India while it's 1.5 in usa. This is obviously error of enumeration.
And it's exemplified in the 'arogyashree' program of Andhra Pradesh where bpl people are given free health care (even tertiary)and this has led to an increasing number of patients crowding at all leading hospitals with cancer, cardiac or ortho care. The question is, where had these people been going before the inception of this particular program?
And then, it could be misused in a society like India's.
And then there's the health care system of Switzerland which's based on compulsory health insurance. To finish, he talked about how India is now just following the west in medical methodology and not innovating anymore like she used to, before British came along. Why not we lead!?

MAA Utsav 2011

In the audi listening to wonderful speech by Dr B S Ajaykumar, cofounder of hcg, cancer treatment institute in Bangalore and around India.
It's the alumni meet. And there are doctors all over (obviously, you don't expect engineers).
Dr C G Narasimhan gave an address too.Next, is the scientific session. I shall keep updating as it comes.

Post examination post

Yes, a lot happened after those tense two weeks.
No, I didn't go home. But I went around Karnataka with friends. Tumkur, Bangalore in 2.5 days. Thursday, past lunch you leave, Sunday for dinner you're back at hostel.
Then obviously there wasn't so much of what could be called a break, as there would not be.
The classes resumed right after the last batch finished their anatomy practical.
And Divya Deepa won the first round in spark the rise competition.
And went to the Dasara exhibition for the first time. The columbus boat rocks.
The SC/ST students got free Sony vaio worth 40k+ from college. And one of my friends bought a Toshiba C640 14013 laptop from Singvi computers for 24990 just today evening.
Got an invite from Diaspora, it's google+ itself.
Oh, btw, we've moved on to the head, brain and neck region in anatomy!
And, the good news: I passed in anatomy. 23/40 in theory, 26 in practical.
Physiology? 32. Only that it's out of 70 :D

Lesson learned: READ someth…