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Surgery all papers

Surgery was an altogether different experience

General Medicine Paper 2

Everything went by so fast and I have no idea how. Heart failure, again!

General Medicine Paper 1; final year, final exam, finally!

Finally, after years of apparent toil, the final exam starts. I was cramming yesterday and today morning (exam was from 2-5 pm).

Heart failure was taught by Dr Srinivas in those 7 day extra classes.
Pneumonia, I read today morning. So was NASH and Sjogren's.
Secondary hypertension, I wrote from what I remembered Dr LakshmeGowda telling when I diagnosed Vinay with hypertension.
Pancytopenia, BMT, Megaloblastic anemia, all the same answers.
Vildagliptins lucky guess as hypoglycemic agent.
Ptosis, thanks to learning opthalmology twice.
Tension headache, I'd no idea, but compared it with cluster and migraine.
Neurogenic Bladder, straight from Dr LakshmeGowda's mouth from the extra classes.
Scabies - I had remembered the organism that caused it, Zigu telling it while we were having lunch.
ARB, I confused with ACE inhibitors (and wrote Enalapril, etc.), but I've drawn the diagram of RAS.

Everything here and there knowledge over the past life translated into black ink.