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The obvious excuse

Busy. Not life stalling business, but yet.
Been sleeping more than 8 hours since Abhivyakth. Tuesday was a holiday! Spent half of it at the ENT department. Learned basic Kannada grammar from Shamanth. Forgot half of it due to hypo practice. Got identity card from the office. And Arya was speaking Kannada to the ma'am sitting there! Dumbfounded we decided to learn it too.


If i was a writer, I'd have rewritten the history of mankind, or may be i can do that even without being that writer
Heewa meaning peace is the theme of the first day of Abhivyakth '11
that's why every senior was wearing white
i participated in English extempore. My chit pick read "if i was a writer". And i talked some thing about a writer, about blissful life and just about that. (That reminds me of how little I've posted in there in the past few months)
and in the night there was prelim of mad arts and punk police was superb
some solo dances and a film actor later went hostel. It was too late. Stil dinner wasn't finished at hostel, though girls bought parcel

Bwd: the fest preparation

One of the several things that's been keeping me busy for the last 2 days is not my cold. It's the inter college fest we're conducting for world peace - Abhivyakth '11.
Beginning 23rd it will go on till 25th on which day the Dussehra medical exhibition begins. Madhura, the newly elected girl CR, was representing pediatrics while i was ENT, Zigu community medicine, Sri Raksha ophthalmology, Saraswati anatomy, Harshith something, Bhavika physiology, and others filling the 20 departments. Muthalik sir is the third term representative, captain, for ENT.
All the decoration work has been completed at the auditorium. The balloons and messages, the flying pigeons and long white ribbons.Went to Mannas market with Pavan sir to get Styrofoam etc and later with Pramod for that long white sash.Got ulna class now.

Fwd: Fest t shirt

Abhivyakth '11 begins today.

Typing skill

The routine has started becoming, well, the routine.
Dissection of the disarticulated arm is interesting. The cephalic vein which always used to scale my biceps. I finally saw it, draining some of its blood into the basilic vein through the median cubital, the vein that doctor pierced during my first and only blood donation. Muscle physiology is over. I was supposed to do a seminar on NMJ in the last 5 minutes. But madam finished only at 11. So i couldn't. Rode Shubham's cycle. Superb springs.
Waiting for the senior to return from his friend's sisters marriage to get mine.Internet at Rs 10 for the hour. Removed around 500 'friends' from Facebook.
And back at the hostel they were looking for someone to type the list of students allotted to each department for the exhibition starting on 28th. Got a glimpse of how rare the coincidence between technology and medicine is.
Among so many other things, had coffee at dosha point.Set up Palringo properly.

Tomorrow will die one day

Facebook has learned a lot from Google+ and changed, for the good of everyone because it'd have been so tough for a mass migration to occur.
And so, the MMC&RI 2K11 group was created. I was restricted by the limited capabilities of my phone, so i used some help from uvais my old buddy, doing computer science at anjarakandy engineering college. Fortunately enough medicine students are active enough in fb to form a group. (but why is the official website still down?)
went to a cafe on Sunday to do some maintenance for the Samsung GT-B7722. (i had broke the software by doing some unofficial setting change). Started removin all my 'friends' i didn't know in Facebook. It is a tough task that'll take weeks.
Uploaded some photos to the album. I was in the serving panel for lunch. I served that sweet yellowy creamy honey-y sweet. Went looking for a cycle shop in the evening with Zigu, Shamanth and Samrat. Knew from Tripathi that the cycle shop where he bought his the prev…

Circumflex hostel

Discovered what makes a medical student happy - catching up with their portions.
Entered the biochem lecture hall or rather lecture well for the first time to understand that there is so much to learn. Let's begin with carbohydrates.
Apart from being energy source for the whole body there are a lot of functions for the carbohydrates to do. And i was thinking about posting more about it. But, it's too much to write and that's why there are textbooks written on it. So I'll take that topic up when I'm first writing a textbook. For now just chew on the fact that dosha becomes solid only after heating which's actually cross bridging taking place in carbohydrate chains. Tried writing about brachial plexus in the dissection hall. Putting mental 3-D figures into linear words or 2-D diagrams is a very exhausting activity which i need to be able to do more effectively for my own sake.
Decided to activate Rs 65 gprs plan in docomo. But balanc insufficient. Went recharge. Di…

Learnin from others

I've found other medical student blogs online, and from my expectations when i visited those blogs I've realized what i should change about the posts in this blog. I'll try to make the posts in here less personal and more medical oriented. That way I'll concentrate more on learning and also prove informative to the enthusiastic reader. Personal matters can come like announcements or will be posted to my personal diary which i won't link to because you do not have the permission to read it :-D


Sleep cycle back to normal. Reached college in time. Anatomy class about cartilage. Physiology about white blood cells, plasma. Walks back very motivated (to learn). Osteology was about radius. Wished Abhijith happy birthday. Went to dolphins. Is now covering Cunningham's manual

Exchanging regards

So, Djokovic won, and I finished biochem record in time. Madhura was watching the whole match from 1.45! Physiology was about blood.
blah blah blah. I was so busy for two days that i couldn't post anything the last two days.
Ok. On Tuesday evening we Malayalis met at the rock circle near library. Just introduction. Blah blah blah blah. Went to the reception of Asad's brother in law's marriage. Had more than enough food. Blah blah blah blah...i don't remember anything else...
Wednesday was fun. Protein chemistry tha. And connective tissue and kidney..and pricked the left ring finger to draw blood.. Was bold enough only in the 4th prick.. Went shopping. Bought hangers. Went to cafe coffee day. Very expensive coffee. So had chicken burger with Zigu. Have to come here alone for having the coffee some day.

As if presence makes a difference, as if not

And the journey back was awesome fun. The bus broke down at the hill bottom at 1 am and a new one came from Calicut at around 3. It went straight, reached Mysore at 8. Luckily there wasn't class at 8. Biochemistry class was about cystoskeleton. Physiology about neuromuscular junction and today it was tripathi's and my turn to not answer and be booked for assignments. Dissection of the back was still just skin deep. No structure had been seen. Bhavika and Bharath were discussing the origin, attachments and even nerve, blood supply of all the back muscles and i was open mouthed. But Asad said it was taught in the previous days, easing my worry but nonetheless discouraging. They had gone for the movie too on Friday afternoon. Rushed to finish the Histology record. Had a smooth end for the day. Should organize the Malayali meet tomorrow. Ah! Forgot to tell everyone. Hmmm. Slept early because of the jet lag. Woke up to Djokovic's triumph over the Spaniard in us open.

Going home

Raziq et al stood in the long queue for filling the buckets with water from the municipality. I slept peacefully and filled it later with no queue! :-D
had bread and jam which hari bought at more for breakfast with zigu, raziq, irfan, fahad and arun.
Went college in an auto. Reached there pretty early. Physiology class, about protein synthesis. Pretty old transcription, translation, etc. Anatomy - continuation of connective tissue.
Back to physiology - neuro muscular junction. 3 kids got detention. 2 went for bodyguard.
In dissection we had a final look at the axilla and turned the body around. It was rigid (and dead, yeah rigor mortis)
the evening's class was in a confusion. It was announced y'day in physiology lab that we the first batch'd have the practical we missed last week this evening. But as per the main time table it was histology and so the anatomy department had planned dissection of back for us. I was asked to confirm the confusion from HoDs. But nobody was pr…

Flying Geese

Gautham told he's having breakfast from hostel canteen while me, zigu, harinath, irfan were ignorantly having it from the shringar hotel. Hari and irfan were there first and ordered 3 vadas and chappathi respectively. Me and zigu then ordered masala dosha. And we got dosha before irfan got chappathi.
Had a banana from the shop opposite. It's rs 3 per banana.
Was sleepy throughout except for the hour when m a shekhar sir (HoD of endocrinology) gave an orientation course called 'first contact'. He started with universal ethics - do good, do no harm, have no bias, stand up for individual freedom. Then talked about how working as a group rocks and how he expects us 150 to work as one or many smaller teams to climb the hill of MBBS. The geese's V flying slides were shown. Then came the 4 personalities - phlegmatic(peaceful), choleric(angry), melancholic(sad), sanguine(happy)
and finally he talked about maintaining at least mentally a personal diary of how we spent the …

2 step sign in

Woke up early, did some surya namaskara, meditation, etc. And slept again.
Physiology - blood continued.
Anatomy - back muscles
dissection - cleaning the axilla
biochem lab - reactions of's easier to do experiments here, because everyone gets the test tubes they need, burner, etc
Got gross anatomy and histology record. Histology had circles and notes printed, super useful.
Went to an interenet cafe and printed the train ticket. 2 rupee per print for small number of prints. Still better than Kannur. Changed the phone numbers associated with facebook, and gmail..forgot to do it for google sms..
Went with harshith for the fashion show practice. They were deciding on the theme. Saraswathi dropped out.
Got physiology record from sri raksha. Wrote it till dinner, and after dinner.
Homesick ever after printing the ticket.

F Men

Went college normally (at 9 o'clock) because only the third batch
students had osteology class at 8. Heard that they got in only after a
few minutes of searching.
The biochem class was about cell. Physiology was about muscles - the
structure of them (finally all the myosin, actin confusions are
beginning to clear).
dissected the axilla.
Histology lab was about stratified epithelium.
Fashion show, dance audition at jk ground auditorium at
4.30..devanshu, me, aquib, hithesh, Akshay, went. And there the
seniors wanted us to somehow bring girls from our batch too. Called
whoever i knew. Arya was out, teressa was out with parents, anie was
out shopping and so called anie's roommate sri raksha (risking to be
labeled misuse of phone number) and gave the phone to the seniors.
They coerced enough people to turn up - madhura, sri raksha,
saraswathy and all turned up. Someone called bhavika, and swathy too.
Only aquib got selected from boys. Among girls, sri raksha, saraswathy
and anie were in because of…


Had breakfast on the way to biochem hall. Wrote down the notes for
biochem practical. Starting with mohlisch's test a whole lot of tests
involving carbohydrates. Finished lipids. An hour free in between,
like last week.
And i did the dissection for the first time! With Akshay Fadnis, on
saturday, looking for axillary artery and brachial plexus from the
lateral end of the pectoralis minor.
And it was not a complete failure, we have spotted the twisted motion
of the nerve chords.
Went out with aquib, asad, harshith and hithesh to have biriyani, from
the same biriyani palace which was closed on the other day. And glad
that we did, because by the time zigu had reached hostel the lunch was
finished and he had to go out too.
He did a 10 rupee recharge for docomo, and got 6 rupee talktime as
well as 300 sms after 1 rupee offer. It also gave 490 KB free night
(11 pm to 7 am) gprs :-Pand the hostel was getting ready for the ganesha procession. Everyone
put colours on their face, kunkum ki chotta, and gana…

Break fast like a pauper

Forgot to mention about the special dinner yesterday's!
Anyhow, to compensate, there was no breakfast today morning. That is
to say, not before 8.
So, had water before reaching biochem. The seniors had mentioned that
the college would be suspended as soon as we reach there. But it took
till noon for that to happen. And so was sleepy till dissection. Had
humerus for osteology, erythropoiesis, axilla, and finished
Asked girls to come to our hostel for lunch. And many did come.
There was musical chair after that, and fahad won it. Gave the airtel
sim to him.
The girls went back to be back in saree or whatever. Me, aquib,
harshith, hithesh, and asad went to the ice cream parlour, it was
aquib's treat.
Went to audition theatre from there. But as karthik sir had told,
there was no one there.
Back at hostel shifted the stage to the mess because of the rain.
And then girls started pouring in till there was no more chairs.
After so many speeches in kannada, there was a song in hindi which

"Using" another day

Ganesh chathurthi was yesterday. Went out to recharge various sims
back at the hostel the seniors brought our ganapathi idol. And with
the pooja it was installed in the avathar themed stage.
Ate the prasadam.
The same thing repeated in the evening. Only that the prasadam was
different. Practiced vanchi pattu in the evening. The docomo sim
wasn't activated yet. Had to do physiology record work, so slept early
(i'll change the posting schedule slightly, will post everything after
the last post whenever i get time..)