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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am Alive, yet

The paucity in posting was because of two very important things.
1) I got other things to do. Lot of friends, lot of things happening. I will write them down here in no particular order.

I got broadband: This happened only about a month ago. And counter-intutively, it didn't lead me to posting more here :P Because by the time I had gotten broadband, I'd forgotten this blog. Anyhow, the broadband connection is 2-8 unlimited, BSNL Combo plan which costs me Rs 701 per month inclusive of everything. That means I have a longer day because I now don't sleep at 9 right after dinner, but instead at 3 right after the free usage begins and I've queued things for download.

I quit facebook.
A lot of things had been happening in facebook. There was a lot of groups, a lot of people I was following. Even the MMC&RI confessions page which was fun to read. But I realized that I didn't have any time to waste on reading all those useless things from the endless wall. And deactivated facebook.

Digital Library became gaming hub:
This was essentially after Sammscrithi'13. There was "reign of games" which had NFS, and counter strike and fifa being played multiplayer in the first floor of auditorium. Essentially, those games reached our digital library which had by then became defunct as a youtube browsing center because probably we didn't pay the bills. So, an hour of counter strike after dinner, can make you alert for three hours of pathology.

Among other things, I created a bot for whatsapp, hike was released, bbm was released, anyhow 2k11 whatsapp group had to be split into two - main group and extended group.

Bhavika became class representative along with Abhilash Mayya, replacing Fadnis and Pratibha. The voting for Bhavika was particularly interesting with the votes being equal for her and Sri Raksha at the end. And interestingly Saraswathi hadn't voted till then. But she couldn't vote after that because then everyone would know whom she voted for. So, we called up everyone who was absent on that day and finally it was Bhavika who would become academic secretary after Anusha.

I have been consistently scoring low in most exams, because, I have been giving no time at all to studying. Which means, I can't continue this post to write about exams, hostel, college, my ICMR project, or anything. Anyhow, I will try to post about each of them when I'm bored studying. Bye bye for the morning.