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I am Alive, yet

The paucity in posting was because of two very important things.
1) I got other things to do. Lot of friends, lot of things happening. I will write them down here in no particular order.

I got broadband: This happened only about a month ago. And counter-intutively, it didn't lead me to posting more here :P Because by the time I had gotten broadband, I'd forgotten this blog. Anyhow, the broadband connection is 2-8 unlimited, BSNL Combo plan which costs me Rs 701 per month inclusive of everything. That means I have a longer day because I now don't sleep at 9 right after dinner, but instead at 3 right after the free usage begins and I've queued things for download.

I quit facebook.
A lot of things had been happening in facebook. There was a lot of groups, a lot of people I was following. Even the MMC&RI confessions page which was fun to read. But I realized that I didn't have any time to waste on reading all those useless things from the endless wall. And deactiva…