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I wanted to be a pilot once, because I thought it was the busiest multitasking job. Should thank my partial color blindness for distracting me from it because inside the Medical Officer inside the Out-Patient Department holds that record.

He was attending phone calls, sending commands, instructing PGs, attesting certificates, examining patients and in between all that teaching us third term students - how pain in abdomen is the most common case sent to surgery OPD, how Upper Urinary Tract Infection appears as radiating pain from loin to groin, how carcinoma breast is immediately admitted, how difficulty in defecation is mostly due to fistula in ano (and we saw per rectal examination on the first day), how his guess of Helicobacter pylori infection was right about a PA, how inguinal lymph nodes swell in lower UTI...

I texted my sister right after the class "excited like non-anesthetized nerves from a freshly cut limb"

And then Operation theatre on Wednesday after Gandhi Ja…