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Fall on four limbs

Neonatal ICU. There are two of them. One in Cheluvamba, ground floor. Second in Kid's Hospital, top floor. NICU-2 is called Sick Baby Ward, and is more airy. But either of them houses the tiniest kids on earth.

Caution: Before touching any baby, use GermX (contains sterol kind of alcohol, probably) to clean your hands. Now, before you touch another baby, use GermX again. And this is in addition to the dettol+soap handwash that you've got to do before even entering the ward. Anyhow, I've decided that it's unethical to touch any kid unless it's essential for learning.

Pre-term babies invariably end up here. And their feet would be the smallest imaginable.

Photosensitive babies would be blindfolded. At times, there'd be the phototherapy unit shining bright UV light at them.

Not to forget the sensors. There's temperature control. And whenever it goes below the set - 36.5 or so, it'll beep. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
So does the hea…

4th Term

Apparently, third term is over.

And with that came a new fervor for learning.

Posted to paediatrics from yesterday, Feb 6, a day after I turned 20. Though we missed all the days of OBG posting, I've attended both the days of paediatrics.

Day 1:
When you take a case, why is it important to know the age? :P
Hemolysis at day 1 is different from that at day 6.

And how is child case history different from adults?
There's an entirely new spectrum of diseases that can occur.

Day 2:
The nurses welcome us (just me and Fadnis) warmly and give us a box of used vials to play with. We arranged them in the order they should be administered.
Age 0- BCG (0.05 mL for kids born in hospital, and 0.1 mL for kids coming from outside, is what the nurse told. And the vial said "0.05 mL for kids upto 1 month, 0.1 mL for kids above 1 month". You can guess why the rule of thumb works) Live attenuated freeze dried Bacillus Chalmette Guerin IP (IP? Dad replied via sms. Indian Pha…

Microbiology Internal

Questions from Anilkumar