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Didn't imagine I'd be so jobless at home.
Diwali holidays - Tuesday and Thursday in Karnataka, Wednesday in Kerala
celebrated my brother's birthday with him on Sunday.Got in a Bangalore bus at around 8 am on Monday from the great Mattanur bus stand. Got down at ramaswamy circle at 10 minutes to 1played cricket the whole afternoon thus completing 5th day without touching any textbookback in anatomy hall, dissection had reached the gluteal region under the new professor, Dr Rashmi.The attendance was less than 50% on Wednesday, as expected. I've got an acute lower back pain, thanks to the Kerala part of the two 5 hour bus rides i've had last week. But i guess it's not got anything to do with my myelon getting compressed or anything. Add to it the 15 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, and 15 crunches i've added to my routine after seeing that outdated ssb interview call letter, and you get a person who can't bend, ride his cycle swiftly or lift his physiology textbook.Bo…

Charity begins at hostel

Indeed lower limb is thicker than the upper limb..and there's the genital blocking our way all the time. But what needs to be done has already been done - draw the first blood..err..i mean first formalin..Skipping breakfast has now become a life saving habit. And a few seniors have joined Divya Deepa volunteer force under the leadership of whom paper empowerment has started at hostel

Racing ahead

The upper limb's done. We being the dissection of lower limb on Monday. But don't ask me about how much I've learned. If it was easy to learn, it'd not have been so tough to get into.
Setting that aside, the week went pretty quick. Celebrated Arya's birthday on Wednesday.
And as it happens often it took me back to the days at CVG. Birthdays are small festivals, because it's too long a wait for official festivals.
And Uday annan asked to put up Divya Deepa's poster on our notice board. But where's the notice board in our college? Or who notices it? Missing CVG's big notice boards that nobody going in could miss(from seeing, that is).So, i can now reads paragraphs in Kannada if i know what they're about.
And we had 100% attendance for biochemistry tutorial today (the awesome sight in which 3 people were trying unsuccessfully to impress ma'am with DNA's double helix structure is attached)Purushottam sir's physiology hours continue to rock.


The exhibition duties, and the management of it, taught me one thing. When we start getting postings next year, i should never exchange my duty with someone who has their duty before mine.
Then, that Samsung phone chargers are very hard to find lying around, unlike Nokia'sMysore zoo is big! 3 km to walk, i guess. And parking is tight. But not for my AXN DX
the lone gorilla in south Asia, resting in its own special swing just like us.
Hyena, not laughing though.
And the lion producing a roar reminiscent of the rock song competitionthe lower limb osteology begins Monday morning! Time to start reading upper limb.Kids from Kaliyuva mane'll visit exhibition at 4 tomorrow.Speaking of which, exhibition gets over tomorrow.Got the chance to do my favourite task - typing. For the magazine, from the digital library. Figured out how it works. There's a wifi something, it'll ask for some password, you need to enter the one written on the table. It's all pirated windows 7. And the d…

Subtle interplays

If a diver using oxygen cylinder to breathe under water comes back to the surface very quickly holding his breath, the air inside his lungs will expand rapidly due to the lower pressure near the surface, rupture pulmonary veins and enter the circulation causing a fatal condition called air embolism. This could happen even from a depth of 5 metres.
But where it gets interesting is that you cannot die if you take a breath on the surface, dive and return to the surface still holding that breath, no matter how deep that dive.Almost everyone returned during Dussehra. Me, my roommate Anilkumar, harinath, etc are among the very few left because they haven't left.
Was at anatomy exhibition hall from 1 to 8 yesterday. Learned some very basic Kannada.Reading in spirit after pooja.