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Best Case of Wrong Time Distribution

Here's a vacation that's just crossed a month.

It's not absolutely boring. But it's relatively boring to be at home.

It's right I get to do things that I love and don't normally get to do, but even if you love sugar you'd not take in a bowl of sugar with water.

Here is how a typical day is:
Get up at 4 or 5. Switch on the computer, run the torrent client. Sleep.
Get up at 7 or 8. Text everyone good morning, eat breakfast. Sleep.
Get up at 10 or 11. Throw mud at the tv, randomly click links, clear the gmail inbox, facebook notifications, try to write for Learn Learnin', give up and sleep.
Get up at 1 or 2. Have lunch. Start reading a book. Sleep.
Get up at 3 or 4. Have tea, start seriously thinking of how to change the world. Get inspired. Finish two more chapters of the book, take some push-ups and crunches and squats, publish a page on the learning site, read something thought provoking, think about it for half an hour, write a blog post, watch some …