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Anatomy practical exam

10 o'clock. I slept.
10.55 ran to anatomy hall.
One sheet of paper. 2 questions, 5 spotters.
Study shoulder joint. Study tibia.
Dr Dakshayani, HoD ma'am came for my viva!
Tibia is one bone i didn't know very much about, the other bones include humerus, radius, ulna, femur, fibula, pretty much every bone :-D
but somehow i managed to tell some insertions.. Guy rope muscles.
Girl in between two surgeons
medical college lucknow, Lucknow medical college
the shoulder joint was no different.
Spotted implantation site of embryo, superficial palmar arch. Median nerve, supply, function of soleus, was all mistaken.
Ulnar nerve for surface landmark!Histology lab. 10 slides. 10 minutes. 10 out of 10? Ha ha ha.
Got cardiac muscle for discussion.Divya Deepa voting at men's hostel. Got many votes from first year friends.Went chat street after that. Awesome rain! Stood inside the make shift tent of the small businesses. Ran in rain, back to hostel.


Gave up last night. Stopped studying after doing mammary gland alone, slept peacefully.
Went inside exam hall expecting sure failure.But! Long essay - breast.
Short essays - fertilization!, femoral sheath, obturator nerve, long saphenous vein, lumbricals!
All of them, i had faint memories of.Started the serious studying with biochemistry. Gerrad's quadret is alkaptonuria, cystinuria, pentosuria, and albinism!Went out in celebration during night. Big bazaar's food bazaar is the place. Photo in my Google+ profile. (For that matter, I've made my Fb account dormant) if you want a link, see towards the right of the blog

Day 2 of first internal

Was feeling less tense than ever going to physiology test. Went for jogging in the morning. Was ready with A4 size paper and all to write. But special notebooks were being provided.
And though 'blood' wasn't given the prominent status as we thought it'd be, i guess i did well.Running to Biochem practical hall from there was easier than settling between intuition and lack of knowledge in there.
The solution 14 was clean, clear, colourless. Molisch's - check.
Iodine test:
3 mL of solution was taken, one drop of iodine was added. Deep colour was observed. And i wrote the observation. And then it struck! Doesn't that mean it's starch? But what about the clarity of solution?Ah! That horrible moment in the chemistry lab when the solution back stabs you.
Confusion, confusion! And then i proceeded as if the answer was negative (not filling in the answer script, btw)
Benedict's - answers!
(Well, starch could have glucose units that drop down from the main chain)

Then you know, that the companion is a bad book

Just out of biochemistry exam hall. The questions were not all unexpected. And the answers were meager as expected.Lesson learned: Don't study for an exam, study for life

Two hypothesis

These are two of the various byproducts of preparation for exam1. How is antibiotic resistance formed?
There are some resistant bacteria, and a lot of non resistant. Then the weaker ones are killed by tablet. Stronger by lymphocytes or macrophages. If tab stopped halfway, immunity can't wipe out all those rest, and they'll start proliferation. Most of these would be resistant.So, why doesn't the resistant variety increase in number earlier itself? Limitation to increase in population (due to nutrition?) ok. So, what if we go reverse, put weaker bacteria with strong ones, strangle the strong ones by competition, and then use antibiotic or anything?2. Sleepy when lying down
probable reason. Pressure towards cephalic part increase. So, to compensate blood pressure is decreased. Brain's .. Oh. Forget about it

Dream, dream, dream

Here's the resolution that's doing its round: "I'll study systematically after this exam"well I've been telling that ever since 9th standard. Let's see, how the habits formed during stress conform during relief. Not to forget the "6 pack abs before human experiments in physiology" resolution. As a part of it I've been jogging 6 to 7 for the past 3 days. And Mysore is a place beautiful enough to enjoy a run. Histology slide review. All 21 slides, 2 times those, were kept ready under 42 microscopes. Everyone would stand at their positions (some as dummies) and then there's this slow round like a music chair competition. You get one minute to identify the slide you're viewing. And then you've to pass on to the next slide. 50 minutes later we check our answers only to find that what we thought spleen was a serous salivary gland.Not to forget how bold we finally became in Physio lab, to prick our fingers. Because this day, we had to f…

Micro gazing with both eyes open

It was very tough for me to close one eye alone, without using my hand. But turns out that when you're viewing even a monolocular microscope, professionals prefer to keep both their eyes open!
and luckily this was easier for me.
Here's how to view a single eye piece microscope with both eyes open.
In the beginnings,
1. Focus the slide with one eye closed, like you're accustomed to.
2. Use your hand to close the eye while you keep watching the slide.
3. Now, instead of closing the eyelids with the hand, cover your eye with the hand, such that no light enters your non-gazing eye, and keep it open (to see nothing but darkness).
Continue watching the slide with the active eye.
4. Focus, concentrate on the slide. Slowly remove the hand covering your eye without being conscious about it.
5. You must now be having both eyes open, but seeing only the slide.Yes, the nose piece sometimes superimpose on the slide while viewing like this. …


The magazine of year '10-11 was just released from the auditorium..Plus, the secretaries, committees, etc have rolled over to the new one..All sports and cultural achievements were recognized.And we're now waitin for cultural activities

The beauty of first MBBS

Here's what we learn in the first year of MBBS... Touch any point on your body, we're gonna be able to tell what structures lie underneath (anatomy), what reactions occur in the microscopic picture beneath it (biochem) and what the implication of these reactions are, in other parts of the body (physiology)...
that is knowing every nook and corner of the body.

Internal's turn

The very first internal exam's gonna happen on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November, as it was put up in biochem lab.
New general secretary, coordinating secretary and magazine secretary talked to us after dissection (during which we disarticulated the lower limb, bathing in fat and blood doing the adduction) mentioning the magazine (of 10-11 batch) release happening on November 9.

Treating the disease and not the symptoms

If you had the power to change one thing about India, what'd you choose? Corruption, inequality, injustice are all issues that need to be given a death knell as soon as possible. But our journey towards a better India needs a start from elsewhere - better education.
"But we already have quality schools!?" is the question that pops up. No! You're wrong. There might be schools that produce intellectual giants, or money spinners. But there is hardly any place where nation builders - the incorrigible set of young achievers who'll strive till their last breath for a better world - are born.
And that is where Kaliyuva mane makes its humble entrance.
"The soul of India lives in its villages" said Gandhiji. Everyone shook their heads in agreement. And then? Then they continued their soulless city life. The 740 million rural population were left to till, plough, reap, but not to enjoy their toil.
It's in one of these 638,000 neglected villages that Kaliyuva ma…