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Pathology Practical Examination

After revision on 4th (coming back from a quick visit to home) and 2 days of not studying anything related to pathology, today on 7th I took the Pathology practical exam.

As usual, it started with the spotters. I remember fatty liver, and peptic ulcer; WBC Pipette, bone marrow aspiration needle, Wilm's tumor, CLL. And the rest of the histopathology slides were too confusing - what I thought emphysema was probably CVC lung, and I don't even remember if I wrote the others right.

Then, I got to sit down at my chair where a chart, a peripheral smear, a discussion slide and a urine sample was waiting.

Peripheral smear was probably dimorphic anemia. I got really confused till I adjusted the condenser for the high power. (Always remember. High power, high condenser). Nevertheless I was asked the causes of eosinophilia, microcytic anemia, macrocytic anemia.

Urine - my question was a sore-throat kid with burning micturition. Proteins present, Blood absent. Had to explain how phosphate …

Theory Question papers

Been waiting to upload them all. Pharmacology microbiology forensic medicine. RS3, December 13

Crime & Mental illness