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Biochem practical

The prospect of finishing first year was over compensating for the lack of breakfast today.
The awesome mnemonic I made for protein tests* had no use as I got my permanent question since second internal: pathological constituent of urine.
There was blood, bile salts in it.
The questions were as expected: which are the tests you do? what is the clinical condition in which bile salts appear in urine? Is it necessary that bile pigments are also present? Which are the bile salts? Pigments?
Quantitative, creatinine. The procedure had been submitted in 5 minutes following beginning.
Viva questions included creatinine clearance, normal values, condition in which it gets high, creatinine is synthesized from which amino acids?
The case history was given while we were doing the experiment, mine was about genetic disorders.
The spotters soon followed.
- urinometer, use
- benzidine, use
- Benedict's, constituents
- hay's test identification
- broom stick shaped crystals
The viva began …

Physiology practical

So, we go to the lab in the morning at 8.30 without breakfast. And wait there till about 9. I went without a watch and there was no clock like in anatomy hall, so don't know the exact timings.
The group is divided into 3. One group starts with hematology, one goes down for human experiments, while my group starts with clinical physiology.

I get the questions
"Palpate and auscultate axillary and posterior lung fields"
"Examine the sensory system of the subject"
The examiner conveniently lets me skip demonstrating 90% of tests.

Then, I go down to do the perimeter experiment. Easy viva: parts of the instrument, what is blindspot.

Running back to the hematology lab I have the most important segment of the  day in practical side.
Major experiment: Absolute eosinophil count
Minor experiment: Bleeding time, clotting time
Chart: Jugular venous pressure
Problem/case: Hemiplegia

Confronted with all of them simultaneously, I did a small dance :D

Finished of…

Anatomy practical

8.15 reporting time
8.20 sticking register number on the name plate, records; sharpening pencils
8.30 time to start, but since first day, it went on to 9.30
9.35 submitting gross record, taking lots, getting assigned the table
9.45 Spotters - hopefully the following
cauda equina, foramen ovale, oblique facial cleft, facial artery, fascia lata
9.55 surface anatomy
I get external carotid and appendix
10 the discussion
front of thigh
I get asked the nerve of the compartment, the quadriceps muscle, their function, femoral sheath contents, sartorius importance, rectus femoris origin.
right lung
borders, surfaces, bronchopulmonary segments of the upper lobe, and yeah the lobes the fissures, [extra question: can bronchopulmonary segment be called bronchovascular segment? The answer, as I found out later is that it can't be because the pulmonary vein is shared by adjacent bronchopulmonary segments (I had it in mind, but as it goes, it never matters if you don't say it)]
+the examine…