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Perfectly messy prefect: Day 16

Today, started as a normal boring day. Till the gas leakage that was temporarily fixed yesterday had to be fixed again. Calling the repairman would have been stupid, as seen later. So, I took a pipe tighter and started looking for alternate tubes in the gas room. Got one, found some spare washers and fitted it back, luckily, to everyone's nose and ears, it wasn't leaking. But still for a security, we called the repair guy. He comes in after lunch and repairs it properly. And the rest of the day was irrelevant with respect to mess. Manjunath coming in afternoon, I went sbi to activate my ATM and some little shopping after that.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 15

It's halfway there already. Considering how 7 days are off, it's two-thirds done already! The milk van continued yesterdays order and didn't deliver curd today. Manju and uday found some dairy where they got curd. Gas! They booked it. Delivery by afternoon. And the eggs for dinner. I allowed them to proceed with 210 eggs. But uday came, and boiled 30 more by himself, after all the workers left. And that was a brilliant move, I should say, the eggs were enough. The paayasa was very serous. But that just made it easier to drink in plenty. And bhoom I slept.

Perfectly messy Prefect: Day 14

Happy Children's Day, and a prosperous world diabetes day. The grand feast for Diwali. 9L ice cream and still it didn't last. In the night, we made a miscalculation. That people would go out because the dinner won't be delicious. People who had come back from home were also present. And had to make extra rice. In the other news, I'm growing tired of posting here. Neither is it interesting stuff, nor is it helping me. Thus, don't be afraid if I don't resume posting on 25th after I stop it on 18th. Didn't you know that I'm doing all this extra work only because I have to go on the college trip to tamil nadu and kanyakumari?

Perfectly Messy Prefect: Day 13

I woke up very tired today. That I had to sleep on the bench in the mess by 11. Lakshmanna was making madam puri in the hostel itself. Gas out of stock at agency too. Should survive with three cylinders till Thursday morning. Happy Diwali! They're buying 3000 worth crackers. Should sleep before they return.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 12

Woke up at 5 today. And cook called me at 5.55 today! She left early after making breakfast. This provoked all workers. In store for her tomorrow is everything bad. Was very sleepy. Slept on wheat bags for a while. Then slept in the room. Got one more record to write by tomorrow. Awesome yellow white sweet for lunch. Happy diwali. Finished records one by one. Wheat conversion to flour by the security was severely criticized by everyone else dealing with chappathi. It might go back to lakshmanna. Had everything in plenty. Finished records again. And a late goodnight.

Perfectly messy perfect: Day 11

This the sunday. Dosa was on time, but not the pallya. Brought all sweets, fruits, ice creams, on time for lunch, but samosa didn't last till the interns came. Suhas had to go again. Plus, the sweet was of low quality. Afternoon, had planned to go for skyfall, but didn't happen. Went to get puli ogre powder for tomorrow. But the puli ogre powder wouldn't be used tomorrow, after a 2 hour talk with seniors in mess committee, about what's wrong with our prefect ship and how we can improve. We should find better bargains. Too late to sleep. Got early surprises tomorrow.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 10

Gone are the distant days of worrying about mess when I'm not there. Gave everything for breakfast. Ate leftover bananas as breakfast. And went for a research workshop with sumanth sir, venkatesh darshan, swathi and priyadarshi at HD Kote. The workshop was useful. Didn't take down notes because participants are gonna get the materials e-mailed. So, no luck for you thinking I'd post my notes here. While there, got phone calls from so many people. Nikhil called to ask if accommodation could be made available at alappuzha or trivandrum. I called dad. Somanna called to ask whether he has to take back the sambar powder from the mill soon, because there's a power cut at the mill. Pavaman called to inform about the meeting happening on Tuesday. And I had a lot of questions to ask Sumanth sir too. Thus the one hour ride from there, was entirely useful. Served eggs and banana, slept.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 9

Yesterday, after I slept* (*-almost slept) 10 o'clock, one of my friends calls me and comes to my room for converting a set of videos in his laptop. While I'm on it a senior from a neighbouring room comes in and asks me to go get a rice bath from chat street. After successfully delegating it, I continue the conversion work and then I get a call from generals secretary, his friend needed two garlic from mess store. While returning from the store, I got caught by the final years studying and they aren't satisfied with my first year aptitude. Left there and reached room to complete the conversions and slept at 12. And then! Close to 3 o'clock I get a phone call from previous prefects asking me to get the bill from the newspaper guy today. And I'm up. For breakfast, the cook needed tomatoes. I ordered the vegetable guy at 7.10 and waited. Waited. Waited. 7.30 and I understood it wouldn't be wise to wait longer, called manjunath. He and uday went for toma

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 8

Woke up to the alarm. The 17 rupee 3G smart internet recharge had expired at midnight. Got a 128 recharge online at 8 o'clock. Main cook left after making breakfast because her dad has a heart operation. Tomato bath once again. Since there is a plumber work today and since that requires an additional prefect be present, I'm bunking today too, along with manjunath. Anyhow that internet recharge will pay off. - The plumber came only in the afternoon. Manjunath worked with him. Had not asked the substitute cook to put exact amount of rice. And there was shortage in the night. Made somanna do it by bribing him 30 rupees. The commercial gas bill hadn't come yet. Tripathi came back, and Federer is playing a match. Awesome night. - In between, magically my atm card came through speed post. Luckily it was security who received it and I had called him just two minutes before that and he had noticed my number and he saw the same in the address (the name was conc

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 7

Today I'm on my first official duty :-P Dosa in the morning. And the girls took another gas cylinder taking the count to two. College trip has been finalized. I got the 5000 I put in mess back, and I paid 4600 for the trip, all in 5 minutes. Tried to open laptop in the mess. Attracts too many problems. Electrician came to remove the non working exhaust fan. Very sleepy. - Note on next day: the shrinking posts can only mean one thing, I'm no loner bothered/excited about prefect duty. Obama winning election yesterday was a reminder that hard work pays off, that hope is never futile and that opportunity strikes those who are prepared for it.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 6

Everyone was sleeping when I woke up today. Switched on the tv from standby and watched election news. Hope and change, more about it later. So, chithrana by laxmanna. The main cook was absent because she went Bangalore with her child for health care. And this guy found all the leaves stuff he needs from the hostel compound itself. The security bought lemon powder instead of lemon and it was just fine. Went college today because manja is sitting back today. Amazingly he didn't loose anything from even the practical class by sitting at mess. Tomorrow, I'll bunk. Day after again him. Then again me. Then again him. And so on till we go away for trip. Came back early from micro lab and went to book gas cylinder. Ha, the girls. They didn't have cylinder today also. Sources say they booked it only today. And thus they had to beg us today for a cylinder. Like they were asked to write a request letter. And god knows where we kept that after receiving it. That's wh

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 5

The security was sleeping when I woke up. Amazingly, everything was in store today. Nothing bought from outside. Scrubber still not delivered. Suhas stayed at mess today waiting to draw cheque from warden. But he didn't get it today. And just as I was about to leave for posting, got a call from ladies hostel prefect asking us to return their gas cylinder. Sent it via their security and went away. Reached back only at 8 for supplying banana. It was just enough. But these days, the heart beat isn't rising very much while serving. Pallya had become empty by 8:30. Still survived unscathed. Then, finished that sugarcane which I got the day before on the road from a lorry coming against which jumped into a pothole right next to me. Waiting to wish an old friend on his birthday. And today, is a great day for amazing friendships.

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 4

In the morning, it's not as cold as the first day, these days. Anyhow I've returned Aquib's fest hoodie. It was rotti in the morning. Attendance was maximum. Sunday. It's feast for noon. After breakfast Uday and Manja were running around Mysore for things. While I sat at the kitchen: "sir, onion should be big otherwise can't peel, cut" While they went market: "sir, onion should be small, otherwise it collapses into uselessness" In the fight between big onion and small onion indecision prevailed until the senior most sharath sir quips in like Gulliver in Lilliput to settle for status quo. Then, gulab jamun arrived. But ice cream delivery number ceased to exist which was a blessing in double disguise. We bought costly small packets and that didn't last for everyone. But in the process we found a shop closer to hostel where we get cheaper ice cream too. Chicken was in excess. But fruit salad was less even after we bought 15

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 3

Unlike yesterday, eventhough I was slightly aware at 5 o'clock, I woke up only when the alarm rang at 6. Remembered that I had left the workers' attendance book in Fadnis room last night and woke him up early in the morning. In the mess, milk and curd were just arriving. Everything was bought from bandipalaya yesterday. The cook comes in. "Everything is here, I'll have no trouble today" "saaaaaar, kodambari soup [or something that sounds like it] illa sir" Thus uday had to go market. But from today everything for tomorrow will be made ready today itself. And me and manja bought some 40 coconuts from day market. And since it was Saturday suhas managed the rest of the day by himself. I went sbi, opened an account, ran to college, went blue lagoon, and came back and slept at 6.30. When I opened my eyes it was 9. And apparently the banana distribution was slow in mine and uday's absence. Tea was done while I was watching Chels

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 2

Since I want to make it a habit to wake up early (one of the reasons I wanted to be prefect early on in the year) I will do the breakfast duty today. And as always I've woken up 40 minutes before when I should have. Thus this paragraph. - Ha, it's 10 in the night of what's been a long day. Got cashed out in the morning. Bought all immediate things. I don't remember 90% of the things that happened today, yet I have about 100 things to tell. Suhas and manja went to cash the cheque. Stood in queue at sbi for half an hour then got to know it doesn't accept sbm cheques. Went sbm main branch since college extension was closed. Stood in queue. Understood that more than 20,000 can't be taken off another branch. Finally they went sbm stood in queue and got the cash. Booked the domestic gas cylinder straight away, to avoid gas trouble. And it got delivered in the evening. Somanna, me and manja were playing football with empty cylinders. Then, vegetable

Perfectly messy prefect: Day 1

Despite the inclination towards staying out of hostel every moment possible, I took up mess prefect-ship this November of 2012, partly due to my mother tongue, partly because I desperately want to be organized. Ever since Nilam hit the east coast yesterday it's raining like malarial fever. Yet I woke up without any alarm at 5 am. Since it's the first day, all of us - suhas, uday, manjunath and me were at the adigemane by 6.30 And the grinder stone is stuck because the rope tying it has fastened its hold. Cut it out like a surgeon does to the intestine, and fix it again. Thakkali bath. And then we understood why items like bisi bele bath, even though despised by everyone to the same utmost extent, continue to be in the menu. The main cook has taken a leave for 3 days and among all others left, nobody knows how to cook anything better than tomato bath. And breakfast was ready 20 minutes late. Preparation of lunch started immediately. As decided, till the cheque is