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Second year!

Finally, college reopened on Monday.This year, there are four subjects to write exams in1. Pharmacology
The introduction class of which I'm in, right now. All those tablets, starting with Paracetamol :P
Note: meghna's mom is our ma'am in this department.2. Pathology
No introduction class yet, dunno what it is about :P3. Microbiology
Bacteria, virus, a lot of identifications. This is gonna be like biochemistry.4. Forensic medicine
The only subject whose textbook I've read already. Mostly legal. Rape, murder, accident, crime.Apart from these, we start learning other subjects too.Medicine
Clinical medicine, going into wards,taking history from patients, getting to know diseases up close.Surgery
To assure ourselves that we actually can go into the bodies of our live friends and relieve them.Preventive and social medicine
Community medicine
Call it whatever, this is supposed to be the sexiest department of ug. Going on field trips, interacting with communities.…