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Personality development by Dr M A Shekhar

Personality is what you do when you are being watched Character is what you do whether you are being watched or not No one can go back and change a bad beginning, but anyone can start now and create a successful ending How to 1 subconscious programming Just before sleeping, just after walking up, childhood conscious mind is active enough to generate the positive traits 2 reinforced programming Autosuggestion and repetition 3 defensive approach Protest or deny the negative traits at it's very beginning of the entering in the subconscious store 4 imaginary anchoring Anchor great personalities in imagination and let them shape our personality 5 physical action Body language approach Consciously practice body language of positive traits 6 domino effect By being with great people great cultured company Traits Accept responsibility Listen Smile

The beginning!

The socials is one important event in the first year at MMC. The planning began two weeks ago, with the date being fixed on march 17, a week after holi. Fixing the budget and location went hand in hand. Ali incorporated was assigned the event organizing job, and for Rs 500 per person, we got Regaalis, photographer, microphones booked. The estimated attendance was 110 students + 5 staff/pg. It actually went up to 128. Planning committee meetings saw us talking this and that from the pond every evening. The games committee including me decided on anthakshari, catch the grape, balloon bursting, fire in the mountain, hearts, balance the ball and guess who; of which only the last three were played due to am unusually fast running clock on the night. As decided, there was no single MC for the night. People took it up segment by segment. Whatsapp! Immediately after the name "Inizio" was chosen for its Italian meaning "the beginning", the chat group of the same name


Yesterday we took out both the lungs of the cadaver. And it was indeed balloon like! Too sad I couldn't take a pic. The first year socials is being planned. Got physiology answer paper. I'm doing very poor (due to lack of studying). Thus, the end of this post

Recent Advances in HIV

Attending a seminar on HIV, recent advances on it, by Dr. M. A. Balasubramanya, CEO of Swami Vivekananda youth movement. The pathology hall, this is my first time here. But it's awesome - large (enough to school accomodate at least three hundred people easily), with an entrance that directly lead to the back rows, and I almost went back from right at its door thinking there's nobody present while there actually was about hundred students from all years. And it started off with a nice description of the doctor's first day in MBBS (guessed right, he is an MMC alumni) Turning into the purpose of learning medicine. Service? Vivekananda used to say all there beautiful inspiring things. Yeah, like it was said in the hostel days before. Health, education, socioeconomic empowerment and education something are the four sections in which SVYM works. HIV! started its journey in 1986 in India. 1992 NATO established. National AIDS Control Program (NACP) phase 1 launched in the