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Workshop on Coercion

What could be called the 2nd Indo-European symposium on coercion, started today morning at 9 in the first floor of Platinum Jubilee Auditorium, JK Grounds, Mysore.

Checkout their website here:

First, Prof. Tom Palmstierna talked about various forms of coercion used in Europe. Belts, net beds, clothes, so on. The interesting thing is, these practices are not the same in different regions. Some countries practise seclusion, some countries practise restraint, and mental health workers in different regions consider their own methods as good, and others' method as terrible.

He went on to point out cochrane reviews which said that there is no evidence to show that coercion is useful. By which he only meant that coercion per se is not helpful. And this point was clarified in questions, when Dr S said that coercion or physical restraint is the first step to treatment.

Although it was argued that coercion and restraint are not the same, Prof Palmstierna said that coerci…