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The exponential lag phase

Time has been flying past the first internal. (That's exactly how the clock has been behaving all these years - overcome the inertia, and speed up to infinity)human physiology experiments. Yeah! Stethoscope in our ears. Finally came to know what exactly those had to do in measuring blood pressure.i discovered an awesome blog by one of our seniors - li-files.blogspot.comskull looks cute.I'm attending guitar classes now.And, seniors finished their exams (or not?)

Happy New Year!

The year's first mass bunk happened on the last day of 2011. Saturday. Up to 15 people were reported to have attended the classes.
And as expected, it was celebration throughout the midnight.
The mess hall turned into a dance ball.
The TV was the DJ.
Then, burning the hostel. Palm leaves, fire-logs, kerosene - inflammable combination.
Wishing everyone around the fire.
All networks were jammed at the right time.

+I learned the art of pulling out an all nighter. To finish the gross anatomy record. It was fun. Theophylline (instead of the preferred caffeine) and Taylor Swift's Love Story.

Then, yeah, Dr Asha, physiology dept., has agreed to give us all the presentations she uses in the class.Well, that could be called a stride towards being like MIT.

I guess my brain needs some sleep. ZZZ...