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India vs Pakistan Cricket Match, Live from Hostel Mess

When it's India vs Pakistan you get to know when an Indian batsman hits a boundary or a Pakistan batsman gets out even when you're sleeping inside your room; that's how loud the roar would be from the audience in the mess, between fifty and hundred of them. Maybe now I know how it feels to watch a sport live from the stadium. Abuses, shouts, slogans, applause, and pure roaring fill the atmosphere with energy that makes you forget everything (in my case, it made me lose my sinusitis) The first T20 in the ongoing series was the funniest. Around dinner time India was losing the match and the crowd was less. But those who persisted soon called in more people to watch the turn of events that occurred afterwards. And with more people came louder roars, which brought even more people back. And finally when it was about houseful India lost accompanied by a huge roar from the dejected fans. And for that matter, the second T20 was more ferociously met with. More shouts, more

Back To College

After a month of intensive chef work, I joined my friends at college today. It continues to be the same old college. Went library in between posting. Read some journals, some microbiology and wondering how to improve the situation. Should revamp