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Something I was waiting for

Today the third year result was announced. As expected I failed in ophthalmology. Also otorhinolaryngology. But contrary to what I've been thinking about how it'd feel, I'm having an odd sensation of freedom. 
Now this is not a rationalization of the situation. But I'm feeling this way because I no longer have the pressure of maintaining a pattern to worry about. 
So I'll hopefully be more actively updating this blog in the coming days with stuff I'm doing and steps I'm taking to end up with a better scorecard eventually.
For now I'm home on my table and reading


Of late my likeness for neuroscience has resurfaced. Could be because of the urgency in deciding what to do after MBBS.

Anyhow, I've been having email conversations with people in IISc Bangalore and I'll be visiting the place in April. Got loads to prepare by then.

Found a nice set of courses in brain and cognitive science on MIT OCW. There is a lot of content there. Yet.