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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Wait While The Dosa is Baked

Read how to make Dosa here

I finished Ophthalmology postings.
And I started Orthopaedics postings.

These days are very rainy, very clam, very eventless.

NIE has a quiz fest from today. I'm participating in all that I can. Because tomorrow I'm going to attend the Firefox Launch party. It's unfortunate that "biz-sci-tech" quiz is on the same day.

I have registered mbbshacker on quora too. I will put less personal stuff there.

Downloaded all the videos in Duke University medical neuroscience course on coursera. On week 2 now. It is interesting. I might even skip neuroscience if I finish this course.

The rain is quite heavy in South India. It's 35 inches back home, says dad.

There are two internals back to back next week. ENT on Tuesday. PSM on Wednesday. I am yet to start ENT.

I'm living on my bed (literally) these days. Never get to wake up before 8, never goes for a jog, nobody plays football in the evenings.

The fact that I could gulp down all the knowledge on earth if I wanted to is exhilarating! It leaves me confused about what course to take after MBBS. Clincial Neurology might be too "clinical". Psychiatry is a very good option. Community Medicine is where my aptitude is (I believe). I am not sure I am research type. I might find practical research boring. Theoretical, maybe yes! But I don't know if there's theory in medicine. I might have to start my own research lab. Or I could join this guy:

Whatever is my future, I'll have to wait till the dosa is baked to eat it.