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More Than a Word: Neo-Colonialism in Today’s Vocabulary. | BMJ Global Health blog

"Resource-limited settings" is a term that I've to now reconsider.

I have used it in the past to talk about Vivekananda Memorial Hospital. But when I think about it from the perspective that this article brings, VMH was the most resource rich hospital I've seen. Sure, there may not have been a ventilator ICU or a neurosurgeon. But the lack of such materials had always been compensated by other invaluable resources - dedication of staff, community level mobilization, and holistic approach to healthcare.

How can we measure "resource richness" of a facility only along the dimension of medical devices available in that place?

More Than a Word: Neo-Colonialism in Today’s Vocabulary. | BMJ Global Health blog


Thank you for the comment. You said it well and said it right. Once anyone internalizes these labels, confidence and capacity for innovative problem solving diminishes greatly.

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