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JLS: SJG Ayurvedic College, Koppal

On 6th March, Wednesday JeevaRaksha team did the first JLS (JeevaRaksha Life Support) course in an Ayurvedic college in Karnataka at SJG Ayurvedic College, Koppal.

I took Hampi express on the night of fifth and reached by about 9 in the morning and the workshop had already started by the time I reached the venue. The participants were enthusiastically interacting with the facilitators.

Choking was my topic and for the first time I had a "choking charlie" for demonstration. After a small lunch we had the scenario trainings and tests. A lot of candidates became eligible for being trainers.

That evening Ramya, Sahana, and I went on top of Gavisiddeshwara Temple and watched a beautiful sunset.

On Thursday, the training of trainers took place with the candidates who were selected on the previous day. All of them showed real potential to be great facilitators.

The happy picture of the candidates from day 1


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