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Monday, March 21, 2016


I have been thinking a lot about the legalities of posting about my hospital work in this blog. As I think about it there are several problems that arise by me writing. But, I cannot not write and lose these posts forever. So, the following disclaimers apply for any post on this blog or any article I link to.

  1. What is written here will not be substitute for medical advice. I might cook up crazy hypotheses and write here. If you follow them and die, do make sure I won't be held responsible
  2. By I, I mean, I, my college, my friends, my teachers, my seniors, my juniors, my textbooks, my websites, my linked articles, their authors, and so on. Nobody shall be held responsible for what happens to you because you read this blog.
  3. The thoughts on this blog are entirely mine and even if I'm writing about others' thoughts, it is my thoughts on what I think are others' thoughts and therefore still my thoughts.
  4. Do not think you can use any work in this blog to sue me or my college or my friends, my teachers, my seniors, my juniors, or anyone I mention or miss in this blog. I could be writing things that never happened. For all you know, all this work is fiction and if they bear any resemblance to real life events, they are only coincidences.
  5. I might change any writing on this blog at any time (including these disclaimers). 
  6. No, we can't have established a physician-patient relationship because you read this blog.
  7. Basically, if you use this blog as a part of any argument (including but not restricted to legal fights), that argument shall stand invalid.
Now, about patient confidentiality. I will make sure no patient identity is revealed, leave that to me.

Let's just hope this goes alright.

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